Being Mary Jane Season Finale (RECAP)

Can't believe that already we're at the season finale of Being Mary Jane!!! Picking up from last week, the TWO-HOUR episode starts out with Mary Jane going over to her parents' house to apologize to Niecy for how she spoke to her, and for not celebrating the baby at all. At first, Niecy refuses the gifts that MJ brings along, but eventually breaks down as to her true reason for wanting this baby. Niecy admits that the baby with Dante wasn't a mistake at all. Her daughter is going  to be half-Filipino, half black, light-skinned, and have an easier life because of it. MJ tries to tell her that she's beautiful, but Niecy just think she's good at sex and that's why guys come around. She wants her baby to have every possibility and, to her, being pretty will do it. Niecy doesn't believe that she is herself, and MJ comforts her. The two open Niecy's gifts, and have a little sleepover, watching movies and spending time together. It was nice to see that moment between them.


In The Spotlight: Eric Zayne

Here's a spotlight for you all this morning! (As always, if you are or represent a musician, producer, designer, etc., and would like to be featured on the blog, please feel free to email me!)

Today on The Spotlight, we have pop-rock artist Eric Zayne! Raised in the city of Montreal, Eric got his start with music around 13 years old, playing in various bands around his hometown. His first big gig was a five year tour across Asia, where he played keyboard, guitar, and sang with a funk band. Huge deal! It was these years that taught him about songwriting, performing, and connecting with audiences, all qualities that a true artist should have.


"Hindsight Is 20/40"-Being Mary Jane, S1, E6 (RECAP)

Being Mary Jane is almost done for the season, and I'm seriously going to miss it! (Luckily Scandal comes back on February 27!) Picking up from last episode, Mary Jane cooks dinner for herself and Andre. However, he comes in the house acting funny, like he has a problem or something. Turns out a friend of his went to the gala, and showed him a picture of his wife, which had MJ dancing with David in the background. That picture turns into a full blown argument! He's obviously resentful about being away from his kids to be with her, and feels guilty for breaking up their family. MJ wants him to tell his kids the truth! He still feels like she's lying about David, and walks out. She pushes him, and he gets in his car to drive away. Desperately she tries to get him to stay, but it doesn't work. A lot of drama to start the episode! In my mind, "love" shouldn't be that hard and that complicated.


"Exposed"-Being Mary Jane S1, E5 (RECAP)

Being Mary Jane is almost over for the season, but it's definitely clear that BET is, or at least should be signing on to do another season! ! Picking up from last episode, Andre finds a new place to stay, though it's not done. Just as MJ gets ready to undress for them , his real estate agent Leanne brings him the bad news that the place won't be ready for another month. He needs to a place to stay, and MJ, like the crazy in "love" person she is, offers her house, OF COURSE!

Later, Andre moves in. However, when she sees Mark taking out her trash like he always does, she quickly tells Andre. The next morning, he finds a lot of her post it notes, which he wonders about, but he's cool with it.


"Mixed Messages"-Being Mary Jane S1, E4 (RECAP)

BET didn't air a new episode of Being Mary Jane last week out of respect for President Obama's State of the Union. One week gone, and fans were going crazy! Picking up from last episode, Mary Jane is out partying with her girls, and she texts Andre to ask if they're hooking up later. Meanwhile, Andre is with his family and Avery is loving it, because she believes this is her chance to rekindle their relationship and be a family. After their night out, Kara checks her online dating profile, hungover at MJ's house. Mary Jane herself has a profile for "research," and claims to not be looking for anybody. She logs in, and has 12 new messages! Kara messages one for her secretly to try to find her someone (keep in mind, only a few people know that Mary Jane is hanging out with a married man!). Later, MJ messages one of her suitors, though she is still thinking about Andre.


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