Being Mary Jane Season Finale (RECAP)

Can't believe that already we're at the season finale of Being Mary Jane!!! Picking up from last week, the TWO-HOUR episode starts out with Mary Jane going over to her parents' house to apologize to Niecy for how she spoke to her, and for not celebrating the baby at all. At first, Niecy refuses the gifts that MJ brings along, but eventually breaks down as to her true reason for wanting this baby. Niecy admits that the baby with Dante wasn't a mistake at all. Her daughter is going  to be half-Filipino, half black, light-skinned, and have an easier life because of it. MJ tries to tell her that she's beautiful, but Niecy just think she's good at sex and that's why guys come around. She wants her baby to have every possibility and, to her, being pretty will do it. Niecy doesn't believe that she is herself, and MJ comforts her. The two open Niecy's gifts, and have a little sleepover, watching movies and spending time together. It was nice to see that moment between them.

When Mary Jane returns back to her house, there are photographers EVERYWHERE. Turns out that Terrence Mitchell committed suicide, presumably from the story that Mary Jane did. At work, she has a meeting with Kara, her boss, and the lawyers to figure out to best deal with this. The lawyers and her boss both advise her that she shouldn't make any statements until this is settled. Mary Jane wants to do an immediate response, believing the longer she remains silent, the more guilty she looks. However, her boss refuses the idea.

In fact, the network suspends her show temporarily, with Mark covering for her for the time being. Mary Jane is pissed at Kara, because Kara told her to do the story in the first place. Back at the Patterson house,  her brothers are watching a debate about how Mary Jane betrayed her friend. She drowns her sorrows in ice cream, and her father comes in to talk to her about it. Paul asks her if he would've done that to her? He was taught that his friends and family had to stick together no matter what. However, it's still her life, and Paul is not going to judge her for her actions.

At the office, Mary Jane gets a copy of Terrence's book with a note from him. Later, she watches Mark's show, proudly. She goes for some retail therapy, still upset about her suspension. She breaks down when she gets home, and her housekeeper comforts her. Right at that moment, MJ get a call from Patrick, saying that Niecy's baby is on the way! Meanwhile, Kara goes back to her house, where John is watching the kids. She admits what's going on at work, and breaks down because she feels like she's a bad mother for always being involved in work. John tells her that it's okay to be ambitious, and that it doesn't make her less of a mom at all. It was good to see them actually have a nice moment!

At the Pattersons, Niecy wants to wait for Dante, who is definitely not coming. Mama Helen tells everyone that she's doing it all for attention, and that Niecy needs to get her behind up and go to the hospital! While everyone else goes on, Patrick and Paul, Jr. knock at Dante's door and tells him the baby is coming. When Dante's mom comes to the door and invites them in, it's clear she doesn't know what's going on or that she's about to be a grandmother! In fact, Dante is about to have TWO kids, since he got another girl pregnant as well. His mother tells him that he needs to go, though she's in shock that her son is about to be a father.

Mary Jane and Paul walk around the baby floor, with MJ clearly in awe of the newborns. Paul tells her that she has time to have kids herself, which I know she really wants. Back at the room, Niecy comes in with the baby (she had a private procedure since she was also getting her tubes tied). The baby girl, who Niecy named Isabel Aquino, is BEAUTIFUL. Dante holds her for the first time and is in love. He and Patrick take turns holding her, but Mary Jane is the only one that can calm her down. Later, Lisa calls to check on MJ. Mary Jane reveals that David left her a sweet message too, and it's like a sign that everything is going to be okay.

The next night, Mary Jane comes back on the air, and gives her statement on Terrence's death. She refuses to read the pre-written statement, and says that she regrets how she handled Terrence's journalistic fraud. Mary Jane stands up and says that she will no longer be silent about injustice, and, presumably, no longer silent about the type of stories she will cover. She apologizes to Terrence for what she did. After the show goes off air, MJ gets a round of applause from many watching, and even Kara is proud of her!

Moving on into the second part of the finale! David comes by to check on Mary Jane, but also to ask her if she stole his sperm! After MJ dodges the question, he marches into her kitchen, and opens the freezer to search. Mary Jane tells him it's in the baking soda. He asks her if she's pregnant, and tells her to prove it, and pulls out a pregnancy test! He refuses to leave until she takes the test, but she informs him that she froze it wrong anyway. He wonders why she was crazy enough to do it in the first place. He believes that she's not pregnant, and tells her that if she wanted a baby, all she had to do was ask. She runs out of the door after him, and drives up the road like a mad woman! Getting his attention, they both pull over, and she lets him know that there has never been anybody but him. He tells her that she is the one who left, and she didn't chase hard enough. She was supposed to love him, and she didn't. Now he's moved on, and she needs to let him go!

The next day at work, MJ vents to Kara about last night. They both have a feeling of who told David. That night, Mary Jane confronts Nichelle, who tells everybody everything, figuring it was her. Nichelle angrily denies it, and tells her that she has no room for toxic people in her life. She feels used by Mary Jane, who only seems to hang around when she wants to have a good time, but is never a real friend to Nichelle. As Nichelle walks away, Mary Jane lets her know that not only are they no longer friends, but MJ's no longer her client. Later, Lisa comes over for drinks and hears the story. They drink and drink and Lisa finally tells her the truth: she did it. It "accidentally slipped out." She didn't want to tell MJ because she was afraid of losing her as a friend. The two drink and laugh about how Mary Jane cursed out Nichelle, seemingly over the whole incident with liquor in them! They drunk dial Nichelle and Mary Jane leaves all of these messages for her.

The ladies have a driver drive them to David's house, where he's clearly having a dinner party. His girlfriend opens the door, and tells Mary Jane that this won't end well for her, but Mary Jane comes in anyway. David and MJ have a big fight, with MJ feeling like this was supposed to be her house, but he gave it to a white woman. He's half-white, so it's very awkward! She feels like she is his ride or die. She did everything for him when he was building his website, BUT, as David points out, she left him in the midst of it. She asks David if he would've married her if she had waited, but he doesn't want to live in the past anymore. Embarrassed, Mary Jane leaves.

Lisa gets called into work (she was sober for a while it turns out). Leo the driver has instructions to drive Mary Jane to Kara's. Mary Jane picks up Kara, and, after she admits her affair to Kara, they hit the liquor store to get more drinks. Back at MJ's Kara wants to punch her because all she can see is John's mistress when she looks at her. Kara tells her that she needs to apologize to Avery! This whole night is a MESS!

So Leo drives them both to Andre's, where they seem him leaving with his kids, presumably to stay with him for a few days. Avery sees the car and confronts them. Surprisingly, she lets them both in, where Mary Jane genuinely apologizes to Avery, and asks her to take Andre back. Kara gives her opinion as well, about how upset she was when John cheated on her. Kara tells her that Mary Jane was obviously doing something that she wasn't, and she should take advice from her. It actually didn't come from a mean place. It was honesty from one woman who was cheated on to another. After Avery finally tells them they should leave, Mary Jane tries to give her own tidbits of advice that Avery should do for Andre if she takes him back. MJ apologizes to Kara too. After Leo drops Kara at home, he gives her advice that he got from a popular book written by a Rabbi Goldstein. Leo tells her to stay grateful even when faced with the storm of life. "Everything that you are going through right now is preparing you for what you asked for," he tells her. I put my own sticky with that quote on my computer at work the very next day! Definitely something to remember. When Lisa comes over to see her, Mary Jane asks her to inseminate her with David's sperm. Lisa tells her that she's lost him, and he doesn't want her. She almost does it anyway, knowing it won't work. However, Mary Jane stops her right before she does, knowing that she needs to move on.

At the end of the episode, Mary Jane has Rabbi Goldstein on the show, who advises that the only way to move on is forgiveness. Andre goes back to Avery. Mary Jane gives the sperm back to David, and tells him that she hopes he has a good life, giving him a goodbye kiss. We also find out that David is having a baby with his girlfriend, but after that kiss, it looks like he may be having a little change of heart. However, it looks like Mary Jane is moving forward, which is all I've wanted for her character from the beginning. She reminds me in certain ways of myself, which I may talk about ONE DAY on my personal website, but I'm not ready yet.

I KNOW that BET is renewing this show for a second season, and I can't wait to see what's to come! 

What did you think of the season finale, and of the show in general? Sound off below!

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