"Exposed"-Being Mary Jane S1, E5 (RECAP)

Being Mary Jane is almost over for the season, but it's definitely clear that BET is, or at least should be signing on to do another season! ! Picking up from last episode, Andre finds a new place to stay, though it's not done. Just as MJ gets ready to undress for them , his real estate agent Leanne brings him the bad news that the place won't be ready for another month. He needs to a place to stay, and MJ, like the crazy in "love" person she is, offers her house, OF COURSE!

Later, Andre moves in. However, when she sees Mark taking out her trash like he always does, she quickly tells Andre. The next morning, he finds a lot of her post it notes, which he wonders about, but he's cool with it.
Turns out that Paul didn't get a platinum table for Helen's charity tea, which angers Helen since she's one of the founders. However, because of their current finances, Paul couldn't make it happen, though Helen brought up the fact that he still plays golf. She feels like she deserves to get out and have a good time after all that she's been through. She tells him to fix it. Later, Paul tries to switch tables with Katherine. However, she doesn't want his money, of course. It's clear she wants something else from him (*side eye*).

At work, Kara walks in to see MJ. There's a story about another journalist, Terrence Mitchell, accused of journalistic fraud on a story that launched his career. They both know him, but Kara wants the story...again. MJ doesn't believe it, though.

Later, Mary Jane gives Andre a copy of Terrence's prison expose, which he loves. She wonders out loud who she's going to bring to the gala, with the expectation that Andre can't go, because, obviously, too many people know that he's married. They can't tell anyone about them, or go anywhere. They're basically in hiding. Andre doesn't feel like now is the best time to go public, which upsets Mary Jane.

Kara soon delivers proof that Terrence (played by Ludacris) is lying. Later, MJ is honest with Terrence five minutes before the interview, saying that his ex-girlfriend Reina has come forward to say that some of his facts have been fabricated. He admitted it to her, and she RECORDED it! When Terrence tells her that he won't be a part of the story if they use Raina on the show, Mary Jane lets him know that all of his progress from his work has been compromised, and this is breaking news whether her station airs it or not. She's offering him a voice, but he wants to leave Raina out of this. She uses Raina, and Terrence refuses to come on. Though it was a good show, Mary Jane is literally sick to her stomach afterwards. Again, it's another matter of getting the story at any means necessary, even at the risk of losing friends.

Meanwhile, Paul is still trying to get this table, by selling stock. However, it looks like Paul, Jr. is busy selling something else! His father later busts him for the money he has in the bank. Paul says that it must be a bank error. His father tells him that he needs to focus and finally graduate, and make something of his life. It's clear that something else is going on, and it's sure to come out soon!

Mary Jane and her brothers attend the gala with their parents and Lisa. Turns out that David is in attendance as well. Mama Helen calls David over, despite MJ's pleas. Turns out that Papa Patterson has been advising David on his business ventures, and David even bought his own table. David and MJ chat, though Mary Jane is kind of cold towards him. Mama Helen however, makes a little speech about being grateful to be there, and gives a shout out to David, saying how she hoped one day he would become a part of the family! Mary Jane runs to the bathroom with Lisa. Lisa tells her that she should give David a chance.

After she's out of the restroom, Mary Jane is confronted by a guy who feels that she brought down yet another black man with her story. As she tries to walk away, he grabs her arm. At that moment, David steps up to defend her, and he asks her to dance. Paul asks Katherine to dance as well, which apparently was a part of the deal to get the table for Helen. However, Mama Helen pulls rank and cuts in for a dance with her man! Put that woman in her place!

MJ and David dance, and seem to be having a good time! It turns into a slow dance to "There Goes My Baby." David mentions how he always loved her perfume, and they almost kiss! However, he wanted to let her know that he's seeing someone. MJ quickly walks out and goes home. She's sad, but I think she's more so upset that she doesn't have the love she wants. She can't be out with Andre. Andre senses she's upset, and goes into the bathroom and tells her that it will be them next year. I feel for Mary Jane. She seemingly has it all, except for the love she wants.

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