"Hindsight Is 20/40"-Being Mary Jane, S1, E6 (RECAP)

Being Mary Jane is almost done for the season, and I'm seriously going to miss it! (Luckily Scandal comes back on February 27!) Picking up from last episode, Mary Jane cooks dinner for herself and Andre. However, he comes in the house acting funny, like he has a problem or something. Turns out a friend of his went to the gala, and showed him a picture of his wife, which had MJ dancing with David in the background. That picture turns into a full blown argument! He's obviously resentful about being away from his kids to be with her, and feels guilty for breaking up their family. MJ wants him to tell his kids the truth! He still feels like she's lying about David, and walks out. She pushes him, and he gets in his car to drive away. Desperately she tries to get him to stay, but it doesn't work. A lot of drama to start the episode! In my mind, "love" shouldn't be that hard and that complicated.

The next morning, Andre wakes up after sleeping in his car for the night. He comes back to MJ's house. MJ admits that they can't unravel their past relationships under the  same roof, and thinks he should get his own place. At that moment, Paul Jr. comes knocking at the door, frantically. The cops are looking for him. He went to get his re-up of weed, and the cops were called when a group came to harass his supplier for money. He jumped out the window and ran all the way there. Andre called a friend down at the precinct at that moment, and lets them know that they found PJ's phone and a backpack with $5000 in it! Needless to say, Mary Jane is pissed! Andre thinks that it's best that PJ goes back down to the precinct. He should act like he has nothing to hide, though he clearly does.

Meanwhile, Paul questions if Patrick is really going to N.A. They had an agreement that there would be no drugs when he first moved in. Paul lets Patrick know that he is going to test him every week from now on. Patrick then tells him at that moment that he's moving out. He obviously feels like a kid, and I get that. Paul tells him that if he leaves this time, that's it. He can't rescue him anymore. Patrick tells him he needs him to mean it this. I'm not exactly sure what is going to happen to Patrick. He might just be okay, but he needs to work hard at stay off drugs, and I'm not sure if he can do it by himself.

Later, Mary Jane asks Andre if his cop friend can be trusted, and also thanks him for helping PJ. She gives him a key as well, and they make up. As she pulls into work, she gets a call from her mother about Patrick moving out, as well as the fact that Niecy is planning on getting her tubes tied (at 19!!!). On the way in, MJ sees Kara crying in the car, hesitates to go see her, and keeps walking.

At the police station, Paul Jr. tries to lie his way out of the situation, but Andre's friend Cedric obviously isn't falling for it! Andre asks for a favor, and he agrees to let it slide. Cedric asks Andre what is going on with him and Avery. When Andre tells him that there is somebody else, Cedric tells him that it's not going to work. He also informs him that Andre's "friend" Marcus took Avery out on a date last night. Andre seems a little thrown off by that, but reiterates that he will be there for his kids. If he's not, Cedric says, Marcus will be!

After the night show, MJ and Kara talk about why Kara was crying. Turns out she and John had another argument, which gets her tearing up again. Because Mary Jane and Kara both vowed not to cry at the workplace, MJ tells her to go and get it together. They'd talk about it later. Meanwhile, after the meeting with Cedric, Paul Jr. is really feeling himself that he got off! He tells Andre that everyone has done a little dirt, and it doesn't make him a bad person. He even brings up his education and the good he does, but Andre tells him to get a clue. His education doesn't make him better than anyone, and Andre's uneducated self is the reason he got out of jail. PJ seems to think that this won't catch up with him, and he's stupid for it.

MJ needs a copy of Garcelle magazine to look at David's girlfriend. She's a model and is gorgeous!

Later, Kara and John have a sit down with their kids, who John tells to be honest about their feeilings. They think it would be easier to keep a lot of their stuff with their dad, since Kara's not around as much. It's clear they have resentment for her not being around. She doesn't go their school and sports events, which makes them feel bad when they see other kids have their moms. Kara feels like they've been coached by John, who wants them to live with them full-time. I actually can't blame them if they were to live with their dad. I know that Kara loves her job, and it's clear that a lot goes into that job. As hard as it may be, she might need to really consider this. It's not about John. It's about her kids' happiness, and with her job duties, she's just not able to do it all. It's the constant struggle of the working mom. Some can make it work. Others can't. No judgement at all.

Meanwhile, Andre gets a text from Avery about talking about the divorce with their kids. He plans on going over there the next day. When he gets back to Mary Jane's, she's waiting in lingerie and Louboutins. I guess it distracts him for a little bit. Later, MJ has a talk with Paul about his selling, and even offers him $5,000 just to stop. Paul gets mad, and feels like she just throws her money  around all the time. The fact of the matter is, MJ is always fixing her family's problems, and it can get tiring, I'm sure. I couldn't deal with it. Meanwhile, Andre goes over to his family's house, but then leaves as he hears Avery having bath time with the kids. I really think he's starting to miss his family, to be honest.

At the job the next night, Kara and MJ drink after the show. Kara confesses that John wants primary custody of the kids. She feels like he's turned the kids against her. Kara is always at work, but she wants this! She hates that she's hated for it, but admits that John is the better parent, which gets her teary. MJ pulls her into a very well-needed hug.

Later, Lisa checks out David's new girlfriend, who was in a magazine that Mary Jane picks up. MJ asks about Niecy's tube tying operation, and if Lisa is actually going to do it. Lisa claims patient-doctor confidentiality, but, overhearing the conversation, Niecy lets her know that she is getting this surgery. MJ tells her that she's making bad choices, especially with Dante, who's never around. She also tells Niecy that she's deluded, living at her grandparents' house with a kid and another on the way. She needs to get her life together! However, Niecy asks MJ where is her happy ending?! Mary Jane did everything right in her life, and still isn't completely fulfilled. Niecy tells Mary Jane that it looks like she may be deluding her own self. It hits home. Mary Jane walks in cuddle up with her mother. She knows that Niecy's right, and confesses that she's having an affair with a married man. Mama Helen doesn't judge her, instead telling her that she can cry about it tonight, but she has to make it right in the morning.

That night, Andre comes in, and MJ tells him to sit down to talk. She loves him, but she can't be in this relationship anymore MJ didn't want this life. She doesn't want to settle. She's been trying to break this off for the longest, but she couldn't because of her infatuation with him. At the end of the day, I don't think either of them were really in love. It was simply infatuation. Right afterwards, they almost have sex, but Mary Jane quickly stops before it can go too far. Good for her!

As they get ready for bed, Helen asks Paul if he's having an affair with Kathryn. She feels like she's possibly not fulfilling his needs because of her lupus. Paul kisses her, obviously still in love, and tells her that he isn't going anywhere. Meanwhile, Mary Jane and Andre lie in bed, both on the edges away from each other. She tells him that she thinks Avery will take him back. Though he thinks this is about David, she promises it's not. It's about her.

The next morning, Mary Jane watches Andre pack his car with some of his stuff and leave. He later comes back for the rest, and leaves her a note that says "Good luck unraveling," leaving behind the key. I'm glad that MJ walked away, but, from the preview of the season finale, it looks like she's going to try to go after David now! Mary Jane really needs to find happiness in herself, before she'll find someone good for her. She's not in love with these guys. She's in love with the idea of being in love.

The TWO-HOUR season finale of Being Mary Jane airs next Tuesday at a special time, 9 p.m. ET, only on BET!

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