"Mixed Messages"-Being Mary Jane S1, E4 (RECAP)

BET didn't air a new episode of Being Mary Jane last week out of respect for President Obama's State of the Union. One week gone, and fans were going crazy! Picking up from last episode, Mary Jane is out partying with her girls, and she texts Andre to ask if they're hooking up later. Meanwhile, Andre is with his family and Avery is loving it, because she believes this is her chance to rekindle their relationship and be a family. After their night out, Kara checks her online dating profile, hungover at MJ's house. Mary Jane herself has a profile for "research," and claims to not be looking for anybody. She logs in, and has 12 new messages! Kara messages one for her secretly to try to find her someone (keep in mind, only a few people know that Mary Jane is hanging out with a married man!). Later, MJ messages one of her suitors, though she is still thinking about Andre.

The next morning, Avery tries oral to "wake" Andre up, though he slept in another bed and sneaked back into theirs. She pulls out a pillow because her neck hurts, which makes Andre laugh instead of turning him on, so mission failed!

At work, Kara asks about the guy that Mary Jane talked to online, but MJ refuses to tell her. Moments later, Mary Jane gets a call from Nichelle to be a speaker for her Girls' Inc luncheon, which she agrees to. Kara reveals that she's still messing with Carlos the intern, and Mary Jane jokingly questions his sexuality! When she accidentally says that Kara should have Mark check him out to make sure, Kara finds out that Mark is gay! Mark hadn't told anyone other than MJ, so this is sure to be interesting when Mark finds out that Kara knows.

Later, Niecy helps MJ with her dating profile. Mary Jane tries to get some details on what's going on between Niecy and Dante, but Niecy plays off the conversation. Meanwhile, Helen has lost her diamond bracelet and is hysterical about it. She blames Patrick's girlfriend Tracy, and wants her out of the house! Later on in the episode, Tracy tries to talk to her, and convince her that she didn't do it, and never would. Mama Helen is upfront about how she doesn't feel comfortable with Tracy in the house, and wants her to leave.

That night, Mary Jane watches one of her segments with Andre about government assistance. They disagree on their stances, but they manage to joke and smile about it. He jokes that she does this thing with her eyebrow, the "Mary Jane serious face." He starts laughing when she tries to smother him with the pillow, which makes him think of Avery trying to give him oral with the pillow. He tells MJ, and, of course, she gets angry, thinking that they're not even sharing a bed, let alone being physical. To make him jealous, she tells him that she's dating.

Later, Kara tries to get Mark to take off his jacket to revamp his look for the show. She wants him to walk and talk to connect with the audience. When he tries it, Kara says his walk is "gay." Mark's ears automatically perk up as he questions what she meant, but she tries to play it off. Definitely didn't work though. Meanwhile, Mary Jane goes to meet her date Sean (played by Wayne Brady) that she met online. It starts off well, but then she starts getting all these texts from everyone, which completely interrupts the date. After a while, he tells her to call him when she's free. I'm partly mad at that. I know that the show will more than likely swerve in Andre's favor, but this is a good guy. Kid free, wife free, and he's a professor! (I get really invested in these characters, sorry!)

The next day, MJ meets the Atlanta board members for Nichelle's foundation. Turns out that the top financial donor for the organization just happens to be AVERY! And, of course, they're sitting at the same table. Very awkward. MJ is going over her speech, while the rest of the ladies chat. Avery reveals that she recently found out that her husband is having an affair and that his mistress told her. Then she shadily asks Mary Jane how she would handle it, and then MJ snaps back that she would probably up her sex game, claiming that that's the number two reason men cheat. The number one reason is that they have fallen out of love with their wives. Avery dishes a stat of her own, saying that married men almost never leaves their wives, and also proudly says to the table that she and Andre are in couples therapy. That throws Mary Jane for a little loop, but she quickly gets it back during her speech. MJ ditches her planned speech and decides to talk to the girls about how it's good to be number two in life. That way you can figure out what the number one is missing, and make it work to your advantage! It was a MAJOR read, though a little immature for a girls' luncheon. No one caught it but Avery obviously, and Avery looked stunned!

Later, Paul asks Patrick to take a drug test, which he takes every month. This time Patrick gets defensive, because he's back on cocaine. He tells Paul that he doesn't need to take the test, because he slipped and it'll come back dirty. Patrick went to a meeting the very next day, and "got straight." However, he insists that he didn't take his mother's bracelet! We find out towards the end that Mama Helen hid the bracelet in the laundry room on purpose to get rid of Tracy. I don't know what her real beef is with this girl, but I hope it comes out in future episodes!

Meanwhile, Mark comes over to see Mary Jane to ask her about what Kara said. MJ admits that she let his business slip, and, surprisingly, he quickly forgives her. Mary Jane notices that he's not wearing his signature suit jacket, which Kara got rid of for the show. She tells him that if he's not comfortable, he shouldn't do it. Personally, she prefers Mark in a suit jacket, and I do too! I also really love their friendship!

Towards the end of the episode, we see Avery and Andre are in counseling. Avery admits that she's there because she's invested so much into this marriage, and believes she has a good man and can make it work. However, they've been at this for six months and the therapist notices that Andre doesn't seem to be committed. He doesn't know why he's still there himself. He goes off on Avery about everything that he himself has invested in this marriage. Andre feels like he hasn't got anything in return, which is what he gets for her "marrying below her pay grade." Seems like there's a lot of bitterness there. One thing he also notes is that Avery sees him for who he was, while Mary Jane sees him for who he is now, which is why he flocks to her. At first, I called bull, but I actually understand that. People change.

Later, MJ tries another date with Sean. When her phone starts buzzing, she turns it off and puts it away. Sean opens up about his past marriage, and admits that his ex-wife taught him forgiveness. He asks her what's the biggest mistake that she's ever made in a relationship, and she says falling in love with a married man. Though she lies when she tells him that it's over, Sean gives her a wise piece of advice: there is life after a bad relationship. I think that Mary Jane could be happy in a new relationship, if she tried. However, the heart wants what the heart wants, and right now, she wants Andre.

When MJ gets home, Andre is waiting for her. He claims to want her, as he always does, but now he's tells her that he's filing for divorce and even told Avery. Of course, that gets MJ happy because he's never said that before. I don't know if he's actually going to go through with it, and, if so, what the aftermath will be. People know both Andre and Mary Jane in town. They know that Andre's married, so if he goes prancing around with MJ, what will the backlash be? Guess we'll have to keep watching to find out!

New episodes of Being Mary Jane air on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET only on BET!

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