"Intervention, My A.."-The Game S7, E5 (RECAP)

This week’s episode of The Game definitely had some explosive moments! Picking up from last week’s episode, Chardonnay decides to hold an intervention for Tasha at Malik’s house, even bringing her father over, to talk about the pregnancy that Tasha's been hiding! Of course, Tasha gets pissed off and almost fights Chardonnay, and I don't blame her. I don't care if Tasha is hiding it. It was not Chardonnay's place to put her business out there like that! Malik played a role in this because he didn't want his brother or sister to grow up without a father. Blue tells her that they are all concerned about her and the baby, but she doesn't want to hear it! She flashes her baby bump in front of everybody, and goes to leave. However, her father tells her to waddle her butt over and listen to what they have to say!


"Missed You, Kelly Pitts"-The Game S7, E4 (RECAP)

Ok, so I'm not exactly sure where in the blogosphere my recap of the last episode of The Game went (literally, it disappeared!), so I'll just pick up where I left off. The gist of last week was that Malik is training to get back with the Sabers and Tasha doesn't know if her baby is Pookie's or Rick's! I owe this recap from last week's episode. Forgive me yall!

At the beginning of this week's highly anticpated episode, Malik and Jason talk about Ty Savage and his blackmailing attempt. Meanwhile, Brittany is arguing with Chardonnay about her pre-prom party, when the doorbell rings. When Jason opens the door, it's Kelly Pitts! EVERYTHING STOPS AND EVERYONE FREEZES! Jason hesitantly lets her in. Turns out Brittany invited her to come help out. Kelly hugs Chardonnay, and it, surprisingly, seems like they're going to be okay. At that moment, Tasha shows up and she and Kelly have a mini reunion! From the look on her face, Chardonnay feels a little put out by Kelly being there.


NEW MUSIC: "Made To Win"-The Anvill Music Group (featuring Anesha)

Here's some morning inspiration for you all! The Anvill Music Group is an urban contemporary and inspirational group that I had the pleasure to hear from and check out! (As always, feel free to send your work to my email! I'll check it out as soon as I can!)

The group's single "Made To Win," which features Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Anesha of APLUS, is a powerful mid-tempo ballad that lets listeners know that they are made to be strong and victorious! Thank God for that! I needed that right when Brett from the group sent it to me, so I'm passing it along in hopes that it makes you smile, and keeps you guys encouraged.

Check out the track below!


You can buy the track on iTunes now,and follow the Anvill Music Group on Twitter!


NEW MUSIC: "Matrix"-Olivia Gilmore

Almost a year ago, I had the great opportunity to feature talented singer Olivia Gilmore on The Spotlight. Now, she has dropped a new song, "Matrix" for us all to enjoy, and I'm loving it! She channeled her pain of infidelity in a relationship into this emotional ballad, writing and producing the song herself! 

Check out the hot track below!

For all business inquiries or to find out more about Olivia Gilmore, you can email her directly, or connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud!


In The Spotlight: Gemini Wired

Hey everyone! Another spotlight to start the week! (As always, email me if you are or represent an artist, designer, producer, etc., and would like to feature your work on the blog!) Today on The Spotlight, we have pop singer Gemini Wired!

Raised in Middleboro, Massachusetts, Gemini is the eldest of three children raised by a single mother. Her desire for the spotlight was evident at a young age, and her mom consistenly put her in dance classes and talent shows. At a young age she yearned for the limelight, which led to her mom putting her in dance classes and any upcoming talent shows. Inspired then by the Spice Girls, Aaliyah, and Missy Elliott, Gemini made the decision at the age of 10 to focus on singing rather than


In The Spotlight: Celleste

Another spotlight for you all! Music keeps coming in, and I'm loving it! As always, if you are or you represent an upcoming musician, singer, rapper, designer, poet, etc., please feel free to email me for a feature on the blog!  

Today, we have Canadian singer-songwriter Celleste! The singer, the youngest of four, grew up in a musical household. Her own dad was a musician, and that opened her ears to a lot of great music! "My brother introduced me to classic rock, my sisters helped me discover bubblegum pop, and my dad had me listening to country music. Quite the mix!" Celleste said. She's a big fan of Led Zeppelin, but also pop stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, P!nk, and Justin Timberlake. The 30s and 40s eras of music are seeming to pop up more in her music these days, she stated. "I've always loved the feeling I get when I listen to singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee," Celleste said. "So even though I'm writing pop-rock, those flavors seem to be showing up more and more." Definitely an eclectic taste!

Originally from Montreal, the artist admitted that it wasn't her own music scene that had an impact on her sound. Even in her own city, she felt a bit like a "fish out of water." "Somehow I found myself 'California dreaming' at the age of 5," Celleste said, reminiscing about her love of American culture. "I knew there was something else out there for me, and I was determined to find it."


The Game Season 7 Premiere (RECAP)

SEASON 7 of The Game just premiered last night, and I'm excited for what's to come! I've been recapping the seasons since the show came over to BET, so look forward to my recaps all season long!

Picking up from last season, Jason's Sabers jersey is getting retired since he is done with football, and the ceremony going to be a huge affair! We see Tasha getting Botox (is she feeling insecure about her age now?). Meanwhile, Keira and Blue have an awkward moment in the elevator on the way to the event. They're still broken up, but Keira looks to be missing him.


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