"Intervention, My A.."-The Game S7, E5 (RECAP)

This week’s episode of The Game definitely had some explosive moments! Picking up from last week’s episode, Chardonnay decides to hold an intervention for Tasha at Malik’s house, even bringing her father over, to talk about the pregnancy that Tasha's been hiding! Of course, Tasha gets pissed off and almost fights Chardonnay, and I don't blame her. I don't care if Tasha is hiding it. It was not Chardonnay's place to put her business out there like that! Malik played a role in this because he didn't want his brother or sister to grow up without a father. Blue tells her that they are all concerned about her and the baby, but she doesn't want to hear it! She flashes her baby bump in front of everybody, and goes to leave. However, her father tells her to waddle her butt over and listen to what they have to say!

Turns out that this is a month after Kelly Pitts showed up, and there is a LOT going on. Jason apparently got into a "car accident" and hurt his arm (though we all know that he crashed into a trash bin on purpose to have an excuse as to why he was out so late, when really he was with Kelly!). Blue and Keira stress to everyone that they are not a couple, yet there’s clearly some romantic tension between them still. And poor Tee Tee has a pending lawsuit against his Cluck Truck! Everyone’s issues begin to overshadow Tasha’s intervention, but Chardonnay gets them all back on track. She understands why Tasha wouldn't want to call Pookie or Rick, but Tasha doesn't want her or anyone else in her business. At that moment, Yana comes over for Malik's training session, but he completely forgot. She comes in anyway to use the restroom. Meanwhile, Tasha fakes like she's using the phone to call the guys, so they'll leave her alone. When she gets caught, she blows up saying that she's already made up her mind that she's going to raise the baby on her own!

A little later, Keira and Blue meet up in the closet and make out, showing the audience that they are indeed back together. They want to hide it from everyone, though I honestly don't think that many people would care (sorry guys!). I understand their motives, though. Putting their relationship out to the public, specifically the media, they might put another strain on them, and break them up again. Might be better just to keep it private.

Back in the intervention, Chardonnay brings up the fact that Tasha thinks that she can do this on her own, just like with Malik. However, everyone knows that Malik didn't turn out the greatest, but Tasha feels like it's different now that she's rich. Blue thinks that it's very important for a child of color to have a father. He even brings up the great influence of his father, but Tasha calls him soft because of it. A knock comes at the door, and Tee Tee gets served with a lawsuit for serving bad chicken. He dramatically jumps in the hot tub. Jason pulls him out of the water with his "bad" arm, which Chardonnay sees, but Jason is able to get out of it.

Meanwhile, Blue makes the announcement that he and Keira are back together, but, like I said, NO ONE CARES. Jason jokingly (but still seriously) calls Tasha out for having two illegitimate kids now. Always with the quick comeback, Tasha puts his business out there about Jason being at Kelly's hotel room the night of the "accident," which I'm assuming Kelly told her. That shuts him up, and Tasha storms out! In shock and anger, Chardonnay storms out as well.

Before all of that, Malik goes out to find Yana, when he finds her crying in the bathroom, because she broke up with her girlfriend. She feels like Sasha is controlling, and she wants to be free. Malik talks about his past relationships, and admits he wants to be in love one day. In high school, he saw that he wasn't ready for that kind of love, and maybe Sasha's not ready for her. When they come down, everybody except for Jason is gone. Looks like he'll be staying with Malik for a while!

At the end of the episode, Tasha's dad comes to her room, and tells her to either tell Rick and Pookie, or he will! Tasha's relationships with both of them ended badly, but, as her father said, she shouldn't have to bear the load by herself again. Tasha doesn't want them involved unless they want to be, but she won't know that unless she calls them. This is Tasha's test, calling them. The guys' test will be if they step up to the plate, whichever one of them is the father. Pass or fail, she's going to be all right. A huge part of me feels like Pookie will be the father, which would be much more interesting and dramatic than if Rick was (I'm thinking like a writer here!). Guess we'll find out soon enough because Tasha looks pretty far along now!

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