"Missed You, Kelly Pitts"-The Game S7, E4 (RECAP)

Ok, so I'm not exactly sure where in the blogosphere my recap of the last episode of The Game went (literally, it disappeared!), so I'll just pick up where I left off. The gist of last week was that Malik is training to get back with the Sabers and Tasha doesn't know if her baby is Pookie's or Rick's! I owe this recap from last week's episode. Forgive me yall!

At the beginning of this week's highly anticpated episode, Malik and Jason talk about Ty Savage and his blackmailing attempt. Meanwhile, Brittany is arguing with Chardonnay about her pre-prom party, when the doorbell rings. When Jason opens the door, it's Kelly Pitts! EVERYTHING STOPS AND EVERYONE FREEZES! Jason hesitantly lets her in. Turns out Brittany invited her to come help out. Kelly hugs Chardonnay, and it, surprisingly, seems like they're going to be okay. At that moment, Tasha shows up and she and Kelly have a mini reunion! From the look on her face, Chardonnay feels a little put out by Kelly being there.

Meanwhile, Blue is on the side of the road picking up trash for his community service after his arrest. Keira tries to help, but the supervisor tells him that she needs to leave. Keira talks a lot of trash to him, which gets Blue seven extra days of service. Angrily, Blue tells her that his taking the rap for her wasn't an invitation to get back in his life. Keira gets mad, dumping his trash everywhere. Yup, they still want each other.

Later, Jason gets $500,000 cash to bribe Ty not to talk about his steroid use. Chardonnay tries to convince him not to, but he doesn't want his achievements to be taken away for one stupid mistake. Chardonnay just wants him to be honest, so they can move on. Later, Jason and Kelly joke around about how they used to be so cheap. They talk about the scandal, and Kelly tells him that he just made one mistake, and the situation doesn't seem fair (though when she first found out herself, she went off!). Chardonnay sees them talking and gets pissed off.

At Brittany's party, Chardonnay tries to talk to Tasha about her pregnancy news, but Tasha refuses. At that moment, the photographer calls out "Mrs. Pitts" to get a picture with Brittany and both Kelly and Chardonnay respond (oop!). He really meant Kelly, which makes Chardonnay even more jealous. On the TV, Ty Savage recants his entire story. His own "drug addictions" are what led to some hazy memories about the Sabers drug use. Chardonnay gets mad, thinking Jason paid him off. Turns out Kelly actually paid him off, pissing Chardonnay off even further. Kelly claims that she did it to protect the legacy of her family, to which Chardonnay responds by stepping up to fight. When Kelly leaves at the advice of Jason, Chardonnay calls him out before he even tries to defend Kelly. It's hurtful to her that Kelly came up in here like she did. I understood where she was coming from. To Chardonnay, she has been holding down Jason for the past two years or so, and to have Kelly just marching in and taking over to an extent is hard to be around.

Later that night, Blue finds out that Keira tweeted out an apology to get a clean slate. They talk about their breakup, with Blue clearly hurt that Keira bailed on him. She feels like he didn't fight for her at the hospital, even though she was the one who broke up with her. I get that, but then again, Keira, you have to deal with the consequences of what you did! You can't expect someone to come running after you when you broke up with them. Keira admits that she made a mistake and she does want him. She's never been in a real relationship before, and he was her first love. She wants him to tell her how to make it work. Blue leaves the apartment, just needing a minute to think things through by himself.

Meanwhile, at her hotel, Kelly packs to leave, but gets a visit from Jason. They end up having a passionate kiss! However, they both realize right after that it was a mistake. He just came there to thank her, but got caught up. They end up actually sitting down and talking about the past, and even Chardonnay. Kelly apologizes for stepping into Chardonnay's territory, and tells Jason that Chardonnay needs some time to adjust to the world of football that they know so well. They talk so late in the night, that Kelly misses her plane and now Jason has to deal with Chardonnay for being out so late. Wanting to make an excuse of why he was out, he crashes his car into a trash bin!

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