NEW MUSIC: "Made To Win"-The Anvill Music Group (featuring Anesha)

Here's some morning inspiration for you all! The Anvill Music Group is an urban contemporary and inspirational group that I had the pleasure to hear from and check out! (As always, feel free to send your work to my email! I'll check it out as soon as I can!)

The group's single "Made To Win," which features Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Anesha of APLUS, is a powerful mid-tempo ballad that lets listeners know that they are made to be strong and victorious! Thank God for that! I needed that right when Brett from the group sent it to me, so I'm passing it along in hopes that it makes you smile, and keeps you guys encouraged.

Check out the track below!


You can buy the track on iTunes now,and follow the Anvill Music Group on Twitter!

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