The Game Season 7 Premiere (RECAP)

SEASON 7 of The Game just premiered last night, and I'm excited for what's to come! I've been recapping the seasons since the show came over to BET, so look forward to my recaps all season long!

Picking up from last season, Jason's Sabers jersey is getting retired since he is done with football, and the ceremony going to be a huge affair! We see Tasha getting Botox (is she feeling insecure about her age now?). Meanwhile, Keira and Blue have an awkward moment in the elevator on the way to the event. They're still broken up, but Keira looks to be missing him.

After getting beat down by Franco and his crew, Malik hasn't left his house (or bathed it looks like) in six weeks! He's depressed and bitter because the Sabers threw him off the team since his arm is injured. Jason and Chardonnay come through to convince Malik to come out, especially since Malik is supposed to be introducing Jason at the ceremony. Malik doesn't want to do it at all, seeing as though he'll see a lot of the same people he used to play and work with. As Jason gives up and leaves, Chardonnay tells Malik that he can't go out like this. He is also Jason's best friend, and she expects him to take a bath and get down there! I get Malik's depression, but it's only going to get worse if he doesn't find a way to get up and get on with his life.

Everyone comes out for the ceremony, including Jason's parents and daughter Brittany. At the bar, Keira tells Chardonnay that Blue basically ignored her, even in that hot dress she was wearing. She still misses him in her life and wants him back. Keira waltzes up to Blue's table, and his date Elyse comes up at that very moment. It's very awkward that they all have to sit at the same table, and Blue looks to be so taken with his date. I felt bad for Keira right there, but she brought it on herself. She broke up with Blue, thinking it was for the best, but instead of fighting to work through things, she gave up. She can't be mad that he moved on.

Meanwhile, Tasha, who looks a mess because of her Botox (everyone thinks she had a stroke!), flirts with Jason's father, who thinks she looks incredible. The nasty part is that both Jason's father and mother see her as a turn on, and go get it on in the stairwell! Ick! Chardonnay drags Tasha to the bathroom, knowing there is something going on with her, especially with that terrible Botox job. Tasha reveals that she thinks she's going through...the change.

Malik actually comes through to introduce Jason. Right before Jason takes his place on stage, a reporter named Omari McGee speaks to him about the season he won the championship. For a 35 year old, his numbers were high that yeah. He's implying that he may have had a little help...aka the steroids that Jason used a few seasons ago. Omari has a solid source within the Sabers organization, but wants to give Jason a chance to share his side of the story. Wow. I never thought that was ever going to come out, but hey, what's done in the dark....

When Malik introduces Jason, he's nowhere to be found. Jason ran to the bathroom sick to his stomach that this is all going to come out, right after he gets his jersey retired. So much can happen because of it. The championship Jason helped the Sabers get could even get revoked. While Jason's in the bathroom, Malik takes the time to go off on everybody really quick. Jason then comes back on stage and admits that no one will ever understand the risk that goes into playing the game that he loves, staring Omari down. He's proud that he made it through, and was able to win a championship for his team.

Malik leaves the ceremony to find his bodyguard Bibs at the bar. As they sit, Franco's music video comes on, and it's a diss record towards Malik! Franco goes in on how he beat him up, and even has a guy wearing his jersey in a wheelchair! Needless to say, that gets Malik all riled up, ready to put a hurting on Franco!

Back at the ceremony, Tasha gets nauseous all of a sudden. In the bathroom, Tasha admits to Chardonnay that she missed her period, and is gaining weight. Sounds to Chardonnay like Tasha may just be pregnant!

Jason tells one of his teammates Ty that the news about the steroids got out. Turns out Ty's the one who snitched himself. Jason then smacks him all over the place. Ty bashes Jason for never being there for him as a friend. It looks like Ty's trying to bring Jason down with him!

Meanwhile, Keira goes to the bathroom and the room is spinning because she's so drunk. While she's in the stall, she hears moaning from the next stall. She peeks over and sees Blue and Elyse having sex! Turns out that Keira's actually in the men's stall! She calls Blue out for being a typical athlete and tells Elyse that she should have more respect for herself  and recognize she's worth more than to be having sex in the bathroom, especially when they're in a hotel with beds! Blue, in turn, calls her a pathetic stalker, who follows him wherever he goes with sad puppy dog eyes. Keira angrily storms out, but Elyse, actually listening to her, leaves too!

Later, Malik goes to the studio to get revenge on Franco! As he and Bibs sit outside while Malik gets ready to go in, Tasha comes up to stop him, telling him that it's only going to make him feel good for a minute. Tasha reveals that she indeed is going to have a baby, and Malik is going to be a big brother. That made him feel a lot better! Turns out that Bibs called Tasha to stop Malik. That's a good friend.

At the end of the episode, Keira tries to get her keys to her car from the valet, but he won't give them to her since she's drunk. Instead, he gives them to Blue. When the two make a scene, a cop comes up to them wondering what's going on! Blue insists that Keira is drunk, but Keira sweetly tells the cop that she just wants her keys from him. The cop believes her, and tells Blue to give the keys back. Blue refuses, and when the cop gets in his face, Blue ends up punching him! Several cops come up to arrest him, with paparazzi snapping pics all the while! Keira manages to sneak off while it's all happening! Very crazy ending! I feel for Blue. He was trying to keep Keira from probably killing herself, and then gets sent to jail! It's crazy!

Looks like this season is going to be a good one! I'm beyond ready for Kelly to come back on the scene too!

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