"The Birth & Vows Episode"-The Game Season 7 Finale

Last night was the season finale of The Game, and it was GOOD! Picking up from last week's episode, Yana and Malik look at each other naked, pointing out their flaws (Yana figured it would be good foreplay!). Tasha calls right at that moment, saying that her water broke, and Malik actually tells her to close her legs! ("Babies take time," he whispers to Yana). Only Malik Wright.

Later, Chardonnay gets ready for her wedding, with Brittany and Keira as her bridesmaids. Keira talks about how Blue is trying to stop her from going to Miami, but Chardonnay shuts that down quick! It's her day, and she doesn't want to hear about Bleira's problems. Jason knocks at the door, and reveals that a lot is going wrong. Tasha's in labor, and Malik and Kelly are going to the hospital to be with her. Plus, Chardonnay's own parents' flight was late, and now there's no one to walk her down the aisle! Safe to say, this wedding is unraveling at the seams!


"This Is Happening"-The Game S7, E9 (RECAP)

Hard to believe that this season of The Game is almost over already! Picking up from the last episode I recapped (it's been a little while!), Tasha is prepping for the crib, but it's clear she has no idea what's she doing! Her baby is due in a month, and things just aren't together!

Meanwhile, Yana and Malik have a training session, but it's clear that both of them are distracted from their constant sexual tension. They are loving having sex together, but can't admit it! They have sex again, but it's very romantic this time. They end up cuddling afterwards and Malik even sheds a tear! What?!


In The Spotlight: Jaybird

Another spotlight for you all today! As always if you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, producer, etc., and are interested in a feature on the blog, please email me with a request!

Today on The Spotlight, we have hip hop artist Jaybird! Hailing from San Diego, CA, Jaybird got his start in music very early. Growing up in a musical family and influenced by his own father’s R&B group, “The Isles,” the rapper started singing at the age of five. However, all wasn't easy for him. “My parents were divorced, though both stayed in my life,” he said. “My mom always kept me and my big brother in nice neighborhoods, but because of that, money was tight.” Holding on to faith and family, Jaybird acknowledges his upbringing is what made him a stronger artist.


"Love In The Fast Lane'-The Challenge: Free Agents E2 (RECAP)

How are you guys liking The Challenge: Free Agents?! I'm LOVING it, and I'm so glad that now that Scandal is over (I know you saw that crazy finale...¡Escandalo!), I can watch Free Agents at its normal time! Picking up from last week, there's definitely some love and lust in the air! At the beginning of the episode, Jessica and Dustin talk and flirt. Emilee wants him too, though, and knows Jessica is her competition. That night, the house has a costume party, celebrating another night back in the house. Dustin and Jessica make out in the staircase really quick, but Emilee makes her way into Dustin's bed! Dustin gets caught up playing the single game, but Nany catches him. Definitely think that Jessica is a better catch!

The next day, the players come to a racetrack and play "Auto Body Rally," during which T.J. lets them know that they will playing in pairs, with 13 guy-girl teams. The layout of the game is the players will race cars down the runway, stop before a set of hay bales, run around another set of hay bales to bikes for the final race. One person will steer the bike while riding backwards, and the other one will be pedaling. The team with the fast time will win, and be safe from elimination. The slowest four teams are going to the Draw, but everyone else still isn't safe, since the winners will get to pick two players to go to the elimination round (and it doesn't have to be a team!).


"Mommy Dearest"-The Game S7, E8 (RECAP)

Tuesday's episode of The Game! Picking up from last week's episode, Chardonnay comes over Blue and Keira's place to talk about the vow renewal ceremony, and asks Keira to be her maid of honor. Keira asks why, since Chardonnay is closer with Tasha. However, Tasha is too busy with her baby stuff to fulfill maid of honor duties. Keira tries to lie to get out of it, but Blue reveals that Keira really doesn't have anything going on, and can do it!  Now she has to organize stuff and make calls for the wedding!

Meanwhile, Tasha talks to her midwife about how to prepare for birth. Kelly and Brittany come over, and Kelly and Tasha immediately start laughing and joking like old times. Brittany starts making fun of Tasha for being "50 and pregnant," to which Kelly responds by kicking her out with Kelly's credit card to go shopping.


The Challenge: Free Agents Season Premiere (RECAP)

I'm excited to recap the newest season of MTV's The Challenge--The Challenge: Free Agents! This episode and the next will be a struggle to review since MTV has the show on Scandal Thursday at 10 p.m exactly, but I'm still watching!

This season, which marks the 25th season of The Challenge, takes place in Punte Del Este, Uruguay, South America! 28 MTV alumni came together to battle it out (see the full list of competitors here). When TJ announces the game to them, he lets them know that this is definitely an individual game. At the beginning of each challenge, everyone will be part of a team, or pair, or go alone, but at the end of the day, there are no teams. Every player is playing for himself!


Stephen Colbert Will Replace David Letterman on The Late Show

David Letterman announced his retirement just last week after 21 years, but a new host has already been found for The Late Show! CBS announced today that Stephen Colbert will take David's spot!

Stephen currently stars on his own comedic news program, The Colbert Report, which has garnered several Emmys throughout the years since its premiere in 2005. 

CBS announced the news in a press release, with President and CEO Leslie Moonves saying, "Stephen Colbert is one of the most inventive and respected forces on television. David Letterman’s legacy and accomplishments are an incredible source of pride for all of us here, and today’s announcement speaks to our commitment of upholding what he established for CBS in late night."

NEW MUSIC: "Yo Body"-Super Jay

Excited to have some new music up! As always, singers, rappers, publicists, etc. email me with any amazing work you would like to be featured on The Spotlight

John Kendrick,or better known as Super Jay, is the epitome of a multifaceted artist. Often compared to Trey Songz because of his sultry vocals, Super Jay is a triple threat previously opening up for Trey Songz, J. Holiday, and is currently on his own "All of Me" tour that began April 4, 2014 in Ardmore, OK.

Beginning his career in Oklahoma City, OK, he dropped hit singles, "On the Set" and "Drunk Text" both debuting on YouTube and other top media outlets that earned him thousands of hits, views and popularity which has since put him on the industry's market to be one of R&B music's hottest singers. Not to mention, this 24 year old is a self-taught singer, writer and producer bringing an infectious and almost hypnotic sound to virtually every track he blesses. Harboring a truly unique and soulful voice that everyone can appreciate and admire while possessing a look and image that makes guys jealous and drives the ladies wild. He has also garnered the attention of major media outlets such as Complex and Essence Magazines.

"Chardonnay Goes Kissing"-The Game S7, E7 (RECAP)

Another good night of The Game! Picking up from last episode, Jason makes Chardonnay breakfast with flowers and egg-white omelets to make up for kissing Kelly. However, Chardonnay is still mad that it happened and he lied about it. She wants him to feel the way she feels, and she wants to go kiss somebody in revenge! Jason tells her fine, but of course, he's not really cool with it!

Turns out that Keira still has her own place, though she stays over with Blue. Blue thought that they would be sharing one place, and Keira wants to make it happen. However, they disagree on who needs to move to whose place. Keira wants to still keep her own apartment, which I completely get. However, if they're going to move in together, they need to come to a decision together about what to do.


Black Girls Rock: Rock! Like A Girl Concert

A few weeks ago, I got a message from a particular MeetUp group I joined (though I have yet to actually meet up with anyone haha) about a free event at the Kennedy Center for Black Girls Rock! The event, formally titled Rock! Like A Girl, was an open concert held on April 5 as a part of the One Mic Festival that the Kennedy Center has been hosting for the past week or so that will continue until April 14 (definitely check it out!).

This special event celebrated women in hip hop, and featured artists like MC Lyte, Jean Grae,  Miri Ben-Ari, Ana Tijoux, DC female go go band Be'la Dona, Rapsody, DJ Beverly Bond (the founder of BGR), and the amazing Ms. Lauryn Hill!!!!! I mean, how many people can say that they've actually seen Ms. Hill LIVE?! My cousin and I went down, and had an amazing time! Standing in a line wrapped around the corner was definitely worth it, and we got to chat and chill with a few great people as well (special shout out to Ariel and her little baby Ky!)

In The Spotlight: JproD

Another spotlight! My goal is to feature as many artists as I possibly can this year (I have a set number but I'm hoping to exceed it!). As always, if you would like your work to be featured on The Spotlight, email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Today, we have JproD (Jeopardy). Born in New Bedford, MA and raised in Bristol, CT, this bold artist recalls wanting to create music at the age of five! “Most of my childhood memories involve music,” he recalled. “Whether it was driving to my grandparents’ house with my mom, singing Mariah Carey or sitting behind the couch with a yellow Walkman, bumping “Mama Said Knock You Out.” At nine, he remembers writing emails to record labels asking them for a record deal. At that young of an age, J.Prod KNEW that he was going to be involved in the music industry in some way. However, it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he gathered up enough confidence to pursue his music as a true artist. “There was a new teacher at my school. Never had him as a teacher, just kind of found myself in his classroom,” he recalls. “Long story short, he happened to be a former independent record label owner and he gave me the scoop. He also let me borrow his laptop and keyboard to make beats and record.” From then on, it was all about the music.


"He's a No-Good, Lyin', Cheatin, Honky-Tonk Man!" The Game S7, E6 (RECAP)

Really late recap of last Tuesday's episode of The Game, but better late than never! Picking up from the intervention episode, after finding out that Jason spent alone time with Kelly, Chardonnay throws his stuff out of the house, and Brittany helps her! Jason tries to get back in with his key, but Chardonnay has changed the locks!

Meanwhile, at Phatty's, Tee Tee is depressed over this lawsuit. Tasha comes in and reveals to Malik that neither Pookie nor Rick have really responded on the news about the baby. Malik tries to comfort her, but she gets emotional and ends up having contraction pain, forcing her to sit down. At Malik's, the doctor pays a house visit and reveals that Tasha's having a girl and that she's doing just fine. It's ironic. All the years of Malik disrespecting women, and now he has a sister on the way!


In The Spotlight: A.R. Stylez

Happy April all! I'm excited to have quite a few spotlights lined up in the coming weeks (as always, if you are an upcoming artist, producer, designer, etc., and are looking to be featured on the blog, feel free to email me, and I will get back to you as soon as I can).

Today, to bring in the new month, we have hip hop emcee A.R. Stylez (Always Real Stylez)! Hailing from Brooklyn, New York and raised by a single mother, A.R. grew up listen to good soul music from artists like Ben E. King, the Blue Notes, and Ray Charles.  He took an great interest in art at a young age, but as he got older, he found that he could "paint pictures through words." His first performance was at the age of 13 at the historic Knitting Factory in NYC, and it was clear that music was an outlet to express himself. The emcee said of Brooklyn's influence, "Every day you're reminded that you're in the city that never sleeps. Living in the hood, being introduced to violence, poverty, and struggle will make just about anyone what to pursue better."


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