"Chardonnay Goes Kissing"-The Game S7, E7 (RECAP)

Another good night of The Game! Picking up from last episode, Jason makes Chardonnay breakfast with flowers and egg-white omelets to make up for kissing Kelly. However, Chardonnay is still mad that it happened and he lied about it. She wants him to feel the way she feels, and she wants to go kiss somebody in revenge! Jason tells her fine, but of course, he's not really cool with it!

Turns out that Keira still has her own place, though she stays over with Blue. Blue thought that they would be sharing one place, and Keira wants to make it happen. However, they disagree on who needs to move to whose place. Keira wants to still keep her own apartment, which I completely get. However, if they're going to move in together, they need to come to a decision together about what to do.

Later, Yana and Malik train. Tee Tee is soaking in the jacuzzi, feeling depressed still about his lawsuit . Somebody even did a drive by on his truck with raw chickens! A man allegedly died from salmonella, which might be a stretch, but who knows? Yana wants to law low herself because of her breakup, but Malik tells her that she needs to hang with her lesbian friends and have a good time. He even offers to be her wing man!

Meanwhile, Tasha tries to help Chardonnay find an outfit to find someone to kiss at the club. However, Chardonnay is still bitter about Kelly, and mad that Tasha didn't tell her sooner. Tasha knows that she's in the middle of the two, but if she had her choice, neither of them would be with Jason. However, she tells Chardonnay that if she doesn't make her point by kissing someone else, Jason will think he can do whatever he wants. I swear, sometimes I think Tasha is going to be the demise of their relationship, though. She always has the most advice to offer, and her love life is the messiest out of everybody!

Jason makes his way over to Blue's to ask him how he got past Keira messing with her co-star (while Keira is sitting there no less), so that he can find a way to get Chardonnay past him kissing Kelly. Even though Blue and Keira weren't together, and Jason and Chardonnay are MARRIED, Blue gives him advice. He thought about how he felt when he first met her, and that allowed him to move forward. He advises Jason to make Chardonnay remember why they fell in love in the first place. Keira, awed by Blue's answer, decides to move her things in Blue's place.

That night, Yana goes to party with Malik in tow to a lesbian club. A girl comes up to her and offers her a shot, and then to go somewhere else, but Yana quickly declines. When Malik asks her why, she says that she wants to be the one making the moves. They scan the club to see if they can find a cute girl for her. At that point, it was actually nice to see Malik friends with a girl, with nothing more happening! Yana's a good person for him to have in his life. However, he soon sees Tori, his past assistant. Of course, he's pissed off since her baby daddy Franko is the one who jacked up his arm. When Tori makes a crack at him getting beat up, Yana comes to his defense, and knocks her out COLD!

Back at his house, Malik and Yana laugh about the incident. Turns out Yana had a boyfriend before that taught her how to box. She's actually bisexual, not a lesbian. Now he thinks he has a chance! Malk decides that he wants to keep things professional, and not hang out as friends, thinking that them having sex will be inevitable. Looks like I spoke too soon about him just being able to be friends with a female, which sucks. Yana coldly walks out, letting him know that they have a session in the morning.

Later, Keira sadly looks at her apartment, saying goodbye to everything. She feels like this apartment is all she has to show for her career. She feels emotionally, spiritually, and "sexually" comfortable, which, at those words, Blue decides to move to her place instead!

Meanwhile at the lounge, Tasha and Chardonnay look out for guys, and they find a sexy guy. Tasha waves him over. Cameron sees the ring, and gets turned off a little, until they explain. Jason interrupts right at that moment, and Chardonnay says he needs to let this happen. However, Jason wants to set the reset button like Blue advised. He gets on one knee and proposes that they renew their vows and have a real wedding! Chardonnay kisses Javier and feels nothing, and takes the ring! After wiping off Javi's kiss, Jason kisses her, while Tasha watches with disgust! I'm happy for them. Hell, they got married in Tijuana, and neither of them can really remember it, so it'll be nice for them to have a real wedding!

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