"He's a No-Good, Lyin', Cheatin, Honky-Tonk Man!" The Game S7, E6 (RECAP)

Really late recap of last Tuesday's episode of The Game, but better late than never! Picking up from the intervention episode, after finding out that Jason spent alone time with Kelly, Chardonnay throws his stuff out of the house, and Brittany helps her! Jason tries to get back in with his key, but Chardonnay has changed the locks!

Meanwhile, at Phatty's, Tee Tee is depressed over this lawsuit. Tasha comes in and reveals to Malik that neither Pookie nor Rick have really responded on the news about the baby. Malik tries to comfort her, but she gets emotional and ends up having contraction pain, forcing her to sit down. At Malik's, the doctor pays a house visit and reveals that Tasha's having a girl and that she's doing just fine. It's ironic. All the years of Malik disrespecting women, and now he has a sister on the way!

At his house, Jason is staying outside and doesn't plan on going anywhere until Chardonnay talks to him. He has a nice little set up on the deck, with his clothes laid out and everything. When Chardonnay throws an orange at him angrily and locks the door, he chases her around the house outside playing guitar. He definitely messed up, but I know that he loves Chardonnay and wants to work things out.

On to my new favorite couple, Blue and Keira. At her apartment, while she's dancing around, Keira's flat iron catches fire, which causes her to have to move out for a few days. Of course, she goes to stay with Blue, and they love playing house together it looks like. They joke around, have sex, play cards and even play Dance Party on the Wii. However, Blue's snoring irritates Keira finally, annd she pushes him out of bed. The couple finds a balance when Keira gets some noice-canceling headphones, though! At the end of the episode, Keira is able to move back into her room. However, now that Blue is used to her being there, he thinks maybe she should move in. She thinks that he's proposing at first (you know how she tends to read too much into things), but she agrees to move in. Aww!

Later, Jason does an acoustic version of "How To Love" outside while Chardonnay watches. She goes over to confront Tasha, and tells her that after she gives birth, she's going to beat her down! However, Tasha tells her that she's having a girl, and Chardonnay gets really excited. However, she's still mad that Tasha didn't tell her about what happened with Kelly first. Tasha admits that Jason didn't do anything with Kelly, but talked about how happy his life is now with Chardonnay. Tasha apologies, admitting that she lost sight of how special her having a baby is, and now she wants to be a better friend.

At Phatty's, Malik announces to his waitresses that he's having a sister. Looks like he has a change of heart of how he's treating women. Now he wants to honor them and respect them. When they ask to wear longer uniforms, he instead gives them an extra day's pay and brings out Phat Boys to give them free burgers and fries. The ladies settle for that, of course. Afterwards, Tee Tee asks for him to buy him out for his legal fee. He thinks that he's bringing Malik down, and Malik hesistantly agrees. However, Tee Tee took it upon himself to move into Malik's house too!

At the end of the episode, Chardonnay talks to Jason about everything, admitting how upset she was knowing he lied. He was worried about losing her because he loves her. She tells him that from this point forward, they don't lie to each other. Since they're through lying, he hastily admits he kissed Kelly, and the episode ends! I'm not sure how Chardonnay is going to take this one!

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