"Love In The Fast Lane'-The Challenge: Free Agents E2 (RECAP)

How are you guys liking The Challenge: Free Agents?! I'm LOVING it, and I'm so glad that now that Scandal is over (I know you saw that crazy finale...¡Escandalo!), I can watch Free Agents at its normal time! Picking up from last week, there's definitely some love and lust in the air! At the beginning of the episode, Jessica and Dustin talk and flirt. Emilee wants him too, though, and knows Jessica is her competition. That night, the house has a costume party, celebrating another night back in the house. Dustin and Jessica make out in the staircase really quick, but Emilee makes her way into Dustin's bed! Dustin gets caught up playing the single game, but Nany catches him. Definitely think that Jessica is a better catch!

The next day, the players come to a racetrack and play "Auto Body Rally," during which T.J. lets them know that they will playing in pairs, with 13 guy-girl teams. The layout of the game is the players will race cars down the runway, stop before a set of hay bales, run around another set of hay bales to bikes for the final race. One person will steer the bike while riding backwards, and the other one will be pedaling. The team with the fast time will win, and be safe from elimination. The slowest four teams are going to the Draw, but everyone else still isn't safe, since the winners will get to pick two players to go to the elimination round (and it doesn't have to be a team!).
What T.J. also tells the players right before the challenge, is that the cars require them to drive stick! Most of the teams struggle a little bit with that, and with steering those bikes! After a fun race to watch (a lot of people, went down!) the winners of the challenge turn out to be Cohutta and Laurel, which is perfect since it's Cohutta's birthday!

That night, the house goes out to celebrate Cohutta's birthday, and put the fear of elimination behind them for a little bit! Again, love and lust is in the air! While Jessica and Dustin hange out, Emilee is bitter that Dustin picked Jessica over her! Meanwhile, CT gets pissed off about the tab that he has to pay ($750!(, and Camila goes off on him. She's drunk, and her crazy side ALWAYS comes out when she's drunk. Nany tries to defend her, but Camila eventually turns on her, and the two yell and fight! I knew it wasn't going to be too long before a stupid fight broke out. In my opinion, everyone was probably drunk, needed some good food, and then needed to go to bed! It was so dumb to watch, especially since they're friends. The next morning, they talk it out and forgive each other.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Cohutta talk out picking people for elimination, and it's definitely tough! Dustin and Jonna get sent in the elimination, but there are eight people still going in the Draw. Emilee and Frank get put in the elimination round, to play "Wrecking Wall." You have to punch and kick your way through the 30 foot wall to make a path to climb up and ring the bell. To no one's surprised, Jonna easily beats Emilee, ending her time in Uruguay. Frank and Dustin have a fight to the finish, but Frank, of course, takes it! I actually wanted to see Dustin make it a little farther, especially because of his budding relationship with Jessica, but oh well. Hopefully Jessica can shake it off, and remember why she's really there!

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