"Mommy Dearest"-The Game S7, E8 (RECAP)

Tuesday's episode of The Game! Picking up from last week's episode, Chardonnay comes over Blue and Keira's place to talk about the vow renewal ceremony, and asks Keira to be her maid of honor. Keira asks why, since Chardonnay is closer with Tasha. However, Tasha is too busy with her baby stuff to fulfill maid of honor duties. Keira tries to lie to get out of it, but Blue reveals that Keira really doesn't have anything going on, and can do it!  Now she has to organize stuff and make calls for the wedding!

Meanwhile, Tasha talks to her midwife about how to prepare for birth. Kelly and Brittany come over, and Kelly and Tasha immediately start laughing and joking like old times. Brittany starts making fun of Tasha for being "50 and pregnant," to which Kelly responds by kicking her out with Kelly's credit card to go shopping.
Later, Keira is late to Chardonnay's wedding planning session because of something else that Chardonnay asked her to do. It's clear that Chardonnay is being a Bridezilla, and is especially jealous since Jason has already been married. She plans to have virtual invitations with a creepy guy announcing their ceremony. While Jason complains about the cost as always, Chardonnay decides to have customized iPads for party favors? It's all too much, especially since they're already married.

During a training session, Malik and Yana go on a run. When Malik tries to open up to her about his life again, Yana coldly passes him off (since he told her they should keep things strictly professional). Malik wants their friendship back. Yana boldly tells him if he's so inclined to have sex with every woman he meets, then they should just do it. The two have sex, and it gets realllyyyyyy wild and passionate! It sucks though, because I actually wanted Malik to just have a strictly platonic female friend, but I don't think he'll ever be able to do that. He was so close, though! Maybe if Yana had just been a lesbian, it could've happened. Afterwards though, Yana pushes Malik away, so I really don't think she wants anything. It was very awkward!

Later, B.o.B. comes over to audition for the wedding. Chardonnay sheds out a $15,000 check just for that! Jason walks away from it all, very irritated. After B.o.B leaves, Keira talks to Chardonnay alone about all the money that she's spending. Chardonnay is clearly trying to punish Jason and overcompensate for the fact that she's the second wife. If she really feels that way, then she should divorce him. However, she loves him, and Keira advises that she let it go before she loses Jason completely. Very good advice!

Kelly comes back over to Tasha's with Brittany, who got caught stealing. She's definitely acting out to gain attention from her parents, who both seem too busy with their own lives to be true parents to their daughter. Tasha's baby  Tasha's baby lessons continue, but Brittany talks bad about her again. Tasha goes off, but admits that she's afraid she won't be a good mother, and Kelly tries to comfort her saying that she'll help out. Brittany goes off, asking who is going to help Kelly be a good mother herself! While Kelly stands stunned, Brittany continues to go in about how Kelly is never there for her, but always manages to show up for Tasha, which I know had to hurt to the core. The girl storms out, leaving Kelly dazed!

Later, Kelly finds Brittany at a bar with a virgin drink. Kelly tells her that she's always there for her, but Brittany expresses all the times that Kelly was never there for her to just vent. She just gives Brittany her credit card to go shopping, but never spends any quality time with her. Kelly thinks that she's failed her already, but the two agree to take baby steps into repairing their relationship! I think this could be the perfect set up to have Brittany Daniel return back to the show as a regular. I would love to see Kelly and Chardonnay's interactions! Plus I really do want to see Brittany and Kelly grow as mother and daughter.

At the end of the episode, Jason turns off the power to save money since Chardonnay is spending it all up! Chardonnay hates that she's constantly picturing him kissing Kelly, but she made some changes to the wedding. She chooses her grandma's wedding dress to wear, saying that her grandparents had a simple wedding and their marriage lasted 60 years. She scraps all of that extra stuff, only wanting to focus on being with Jason, and making their own marriage last. Good for them! I really hope it does, because, in spite of all their ups and downs, they're great together.

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