"The Birth & Vows Episode"-The Game Season 7 Finale

Last night was the season finale of The Game, and it was GOOD! Picking up from last week's episode, Yana and Malik look at each other naked, pointing out their flaws (Yana figured it would be good foreplay!). Tasha calls right at that moment, saying that her water broke, and Malik actually tells her to close her legs! ("Babies take time," he whispers to Yana). Only Malik Wright.

Later, Chardonnay gets ready for her wedding, with Brittany and Keira as her bridesmaids. Keira talks about how Blue is trying to stop her from going to Miami, but Chardonnay shuts that down quick! It's her day, and she doesn't want to hear about Bleira's problems. Jason knocks at the door, and reveals that a lot is going wrong. Tasha's in labor, and Malik and Kelly are going to the hospital to be with her. Plus, Chardonnay's own parents' flight was late, and now there's no one to walk her down the aisle! Safe to say, this wedding is unraveling at the seams!

Meanwhile, a crowd gathers around Tee Tee's Cluck Truck at a red light with Tasha inside! Tasha defends him, and admits her own mistakes of not knowing who her baby's father is. She asks them to forgive Tee Tee, and let him get her to the hospital. They calmly back the cluck up!

At the church, Blue and Keira get into another confrontation about Keira's new movie filming in Miami. Blue seems to be insecure about her spending time away with him with other co-stars, since she slept with her last one. As Jason watches, he lets them know how much they remind him of Derwin and Melanie. To Jason, being in a relationship at this age is pointless, since they both have their own careers and lives to live. He advises them to take a break from each other, and maybe revisit a relationship in a few years. He had a point, but I think that Blue and Keira can work this out if they really want to. It's easy to give up when things get tough, but a couple faithful and in love with each other will put in the work to keep their relationship alive and well.

Later, Malik, Kelly, Yana, and Bibs wait at the hospital for Tasha. Malik reveals that he's working out with a few teams next week, which Yana begins to object to. However, at that point, Tasha comes in cussing, ready to give birth! She gives birth to a beautiful little girl, and everyone awes over her! She names Tee Tee for the godfather, saying that he's responsible for getting her here safe. He calls her Kai, which is a really pretty name, and Tasha accepts it. Surprisingly, at that moment, Pookie pops up! Malik called him to let him know that Tasha was in labor. He came for the baby. He doesn't want to hold her, though. He admits that he didn't feel anything until being with Tasha. He got her messages, and more and more, it became real that he could be the dad. He doesn't want to break the baby's heart, just because Tasha broke his, so he's here. He wants to take a DNA test to find out if Kai is his. It's revealed that Pookie IS the father of the baby, which will make for a very interesting season 8!

As Malik walks out of the hospital with Yana, she tells him that she doesn't think he's ready to try out with any teams just yet. She says to give it six or seven more months, which aggravates him, because he's impatient. Yana lets him know up front that he could do permanent damage to his arm, and she's not going to sign off on this. He tells her then that she's not ready to be in his crew, and she can bounce, which she does angrily. Malik irritates me so much. Just when I think he's getting himself together, he always does something stupid to mess things up.

Meanwhile, back at the wedding, Blue admits to Keira that he thinks Jason may be right about them. However, Keira doesn't want to do that again. They both clearly love each other, so what's the point of breaking up again? They need to make it work. At that moment, Blue proposes to Keira!!!!

Chardonnay is freaking out about her wedding falling apart. Blue and Keira ran off (to Vegas to get married we find out at the end of the episode). Tasha's not there since she had the baby. However, Kelly makes it back, and expresses how terrible her own wedding to Jason was. Sometimes the things that go wrong are the things you remember the most and laugh at later. Kelly tells her to ride this out. It doesn't matter if the wedding is perfect. Chardonnay and Jason just have to be perfect for each other. It was great advice, and it was nice to see them bond.

At the end of the episode, Chardonnay makes her march down the aisle to Mary J. Blige's "Be Without You." Chardonnay pulls out her phone with her vows. She admits that eloping wasn't what she wanted, but this ceremony makes everything real for her. Jason tries to say his vows, but I noticed that he kept looking back at Kelly! At first, I thought maybe she wrote the vows for him, and he forgot what to say, but he reveals that he's actually still in love with Kelly! After a huge slap at the alter, Chardonnay storms out! I could've strangled him! Chardonnay loves him, and took care of him, and now he wants to decide, after all this planning. Guess Chardonnay's first instincts were right. I'm not sure how Kelly will respond, but looks like Brittany Daniel is going to be back for a little bit! But then what's going to happen with Brandy?! Only time will tell!

What did you think of the season 7 finale of The Game?

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  1. It was crazy. Dont really care for Brandys acting in the show. Shame on Jason, but they didnt mesh well anyhoo. BET destroyed this show, typical coonery at its finest. Brandy was Loud, too much attitude etc. Lauren london n Blue , acting skills mediocre. Cancel this ish and be done



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