"This Is Happening"-The Game S7, E9 (RECAP)

Hard to believe that this season of The Game is almost over already! Picking up from the last episode I recapped (it's been a little while!), Tasha is prepping for the crib, but it's clear she has no idea what's she doing! Her baby is due in a month, and things just aren't together!

Meanwhile, Yana and Malik have a training session, but it's clear that both of them are distracted from their constant sexual tension. They are loving having sex together, but can't admit it! They have sex again, but it's very romantic this time. They end up cuddling afterwards and Malik even sheds a tear! What?!

Later, Kelly comes over to Tasha's, but Brittany gets busted for buying Sangria downstairs, so the two go down to get to her. It turns out to be a surprise baby shower with everyone there! While there, Keira reveals she got a new part in a Woody Allen movie, playing a nanny. Though everyone else is happy for her, Blue seems upset by the news. Turns out she'll be living in Miami for six months! As her boyfriend, he felt like she should've ran things by him first. When she coldly calls him "her roommate," obviously, he gets offended. I get where Keira is coming from, because obviously she needs to work, and build her career back up. However, she and Blue are dating, and she should've taken his feelings into account, and at least have tried to see how he was feeling about it. I'm sure if the tables were reversed, she would've been upset too.

While opening up her gifts, Tasha gets an old football and freaks out, leaving. Kelly, Chardonnay, and Keira rush to see what's wrong. In that instance, she was reminded that neither Pookie nor Rick is there to help her. She wants her daughter to have a father, and for her to not have to go through what Tasha went through with her own father. Though Keira says that Tasha can do it on her own, I don't believe it, and neither does Tasha. She wants better for her daughter. Hopefully it's resolved, and Pookie or Rick step up to the plate!

Meanwhile, Malik, Blue, and Jason throw the football around outside, and Malik's arm is looking good! Malik talks about Yana and the guys laugh at him for his first time "making love." However, they question if she was making love to him too, or if it was all in his head, which is a good question!

Later, the guys try to help Tasha put this daggone crib together! It's clearly a fail, but at least they're there. It shows that even if Pookie or Rick doesn't step up, the baby will have strong male role models in her life. I really liked that! At that moment, Chardonnay decides that now is the perfect time to talk things out with Kelly. She wants to clear the air, and discuss everything like adults. Kelly sincerely apologizes for kissing Jason, explaining that she was caught up in the moment. Chardonnay lets Kelly know that now that they're married, she has Jason's back now that he's in the real world away from football. Though it could've gone really wrong, Chardonnay invites Kelly to the wedding, Everyone watches, waiting to see if something goes down, but they actually work things out.

At the end of the episode, Malik goes to see Yana. They make out passionately, showing that they might have a relationship in the future. The next morning, Tasha preps for the wedding. However, her water breaks, and she goes into labor!

Meanwhile, Tee Tee, who is apparently guilty of 350 counts of contamination and reckless endangerment, plans to commit suicide while ignorant people tell him to jump. I didn't like that part to be honest, because I don't think suicide is something to joke about. However, Tasha comes in looking for Malik, who's not there. Tee Tee nonchantly steps down and plans to take Tasha to the hospital  in his Cluck Truck.

Tonight is the season finale of The Game, so make sure you're tuned in at 10 p.m. to BET! I can't wait to see the baby, and to see if Pookie or Rick show up to the hospital! Plus, Chardonnay and Jason are supposed to be renewing their vows, but it seems like Chardonnay may be having a change of heart! Watch tonight!

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