Hollywood Exes S3 E2 (RECAP)

Hollywood Exes is really heating up, and the season just started! Picking up from last week's dramatic season premiere, Nicole talks to Bria about the incident between her and Mayte. Bria saw red when her mother was disrespecting, yelling and acting out of character, but wants to call Mayte and apologize for how she spoke. Bria calls Mayte while Nicole stands quietly and apologizes, which was really big of her. However, Mayte doesn't apologize for her part in it, and doesn’t even throw out the idea of apologize though. She really feels like she’s right in this situation! 

Later, Mayte does a shoot for Para Todos magazine. At the shoot, Andrea comes to talk to her, obviously, about the incident. Andrea, often as the voice of wisdom, wants everybody to come together and move forward. Mayte refuses to apologize, though, seeing it as her passion. She was hurt that Nicole didn't step up, and acknowledge that people wearing fur is offensive to Mayte and that she let Bria attack her as well. Here’s my thing, Mayte. No one is about to put out a memo every time they throw a party, or have a dinner to their guests telling them, “Oh, you can’t wear fur because Mayte Garcia is going to be there, and she’ll be offended if you do.” How can you really expect that? She needs to be like Jessica and just chill before she doesn’t get invited to anything else, and loses her friends in the process! Though Mayte obviously doesn’t plan to apologize, Andrea invites her to a dinner with all of the girls to put everything to rest. 

That night, Jessica and Nicole go out to get their nails done and talk about Mayte. Jessica, of course, tries to come to Mayte’s defense, but Nicole doesn't care. Mayte disrespected Nicole and her house. Mayte might've been upset, but that didn’t give her the right to throw someone’s dish on the floor (because she’s definitely threw it on the floor…wasn’t an accident at all!) Nicole doesn't want to really go to dinner and deal with Mayte, but she’s going to go for Drea’s sake. 

Later, all of the girls meet up, and Andrea has high hopes that peace will be made. However, when Nicole shows up, she can tell that the night is going to go left. In the midst of conversation, Nicole, who’s been staring at Mayte, asks her if she’s going to apologize. Andrea tries to play mediator, but Nicole goes off! Even if it was an "accident," you can still apologize. The two go back and forth for a minute, but Andrea quickly stops them. Sheree then expresses her feelings about Mayte ditching Terrell's birthday, which was unacceptable to her since she was depending on her friends to help. Sheree doesn't think a friend would do that, and then not apologize for it at all! She calls Mayte selfish, which sets Mayte off. She explains that Humberto didn’t want to go, and that she didn't have a babysitter for Gia. But, um Mayte, if Humberto didn’t want to go, couldn’t you have left Gia with him? Since he’s the love of your life, and Gia calls him Papa or whatever? Mayte then says Sheree wouldn’t understand because she has "Will Smith money," which was a cheap shot, and pisses Andrea off. She has an Iyanla Vanzant moment with Mayte, telling her that she shouldn’t “throw that dagger at your sister,” especially when everyone else already does, which is true. People assume that baby mamas and exes of celebrities are just completely well to do and taken care of, and that’s not always the case. Mayte made a huge assumption, and it was wrong. For Drea, it probably hit home, because she’s struggling to get child support from her ex now, which is crazy since we KNOW the King of R&B has money. Nobody should have to force you to support your children, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. 

The next day, at Sheree's house, she, Andrea, and Shamicka talk about Mayte's comment. She took a dig at Sheree, implying that Sheree is living off of Will Smith's money, which again, was wrong. Sheree then reveals that she feels that Mayte may be feeling resentment since she herself is the only one in the group that didn’t leave her marriage herself. Prince made the decision, and announced it at a press conference no less (supposedly). He reportedly didn't know how to deal with losing their son, which drove him to leave. If that’s true, I feel bad for Mayte. However, none of her causes, passions, or problems give her the right to act terribly with her friends. 

Meanwhile, Nicole talks to Jessica, wishing Mayte would just own up to what she did wrong. Jessica jokes that Shanna, being new to the group, probably thinks they're all crazy, since both times she’s hung out with everybody, they’re all fighting! Later, Shanna goes to see Nicole. They talk about they both co-parent with their exes. Shanna's kids actually stay at the house, and she and Travis take turns staying with them. That’s different, and actually a good idea to give kids a sense of normalcy, versus having them split between two houses. They also talk about the Miss Nevada USA pageant, which Nicole is excited to judge! 

Shanna and Nicole head to Vegas, where they hang out and then go check out the pre-show rehearsals with the pageant girls, which is a complete mess. Everything is going wrong and Shanna stresses, making the girls run it over and over again. However, the actual show goes off without a hitch and a new Miss Nevada USA is crowned (shout out to Nia Sanchez!) 

Meanwhile, Andrea and Mayte meet up for dinner to talk. Mayte feels like she was right in her comment, but Andrea lets her know that she was wrong. Andrea then talks about how she gets the stress, especially with her own problems, but she can't take it out on everybody else, implying that Mayte can’t either. Mayte says she doesn't feel like there's any effort amongst the ladies, which confused the hell out of me, because she’s the one who doesn’t seem to want to put any effort towards making this whole argument right by just apologizing! She’s never been my favorite, but I’m really not liking her this season. 

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