Hollywood Exes Season 3 Premiere (RECAP)

The ladies of Hollywood Exes are back for a third season, and I'm back to recapping! This season, there's a new member in the mix, Shanna Moakler, the ex-wife of Travis Barker. With Shamicka Lawrence being added to the main cast as well, the ladies did a new opening for the show, and it was gorgeous!

At the start of the episode, Mayte and Jessica have worked past their issues from last season's finale. Mayte is enjoying being a mommy to baby Gia, who just turned two. It's good to see that Jessica and Mayte have worked things out. They talk about being single moms, and how so much has changed now that Gia is in her life. Mayte also has fallen in love with an old friend Humberto, though he lives in Tampa. Neither of them have heard from Andrea, who was last heard to be in a custody battle with her ex, R. Kelly. No one knows what's going on, but it has to be something serious for Andrea not to have reached out to anyone in months.

At the gym, Jessica later works out with Nicole. Nicole's life has been hectic. Her fiance Michael is working like crazy, and she is currently renting a home in Beverly Park. Flying between L.A. and New York to see Michael is always taxing on her. However, she plans to have a brunch at her house with all the ladies to catch up with everyone.

Meanwhile, Sheree comes over to Shamicka's house to get some things off her chest about Mayte. Apparently, Mayte said that she would bring her boyfriend to Terrell's birthday party to make drinks. Sheree went and got all of the ingredients Mayte needed and everything, but then Mayte broke her promise at the last minute to spend time with Humberto. Understandably, Sheree is pissed off, because she gave her word. She plans to hold off on talking about it until she can get Mayte alone, not wanting to embarrass her at the brunch.

Later, Mayte talks to Humberto about him moving from Tampa to L.A. They both plan to sell their houses, and look for a house of their own. They're very cute together! I don't think I could do the long distance thing though. That's got to be hard on them. Hopefully, they find something soon.

That night, Nicole brings Shanna to meet Mayte and Jessica. She has a daughter with Oscar de la Hoya, Atiana, as well as two kids with her ex-husband, Travis Barker. She works now as the Executive Director for the Miss Nevada USA and Miss Nevada Teen USA programs, showing that she is more than just Travis' ex-wife or Oscar's ex-fiancee. Jessica asks about Travis' plane crash with DJ AM. It was horrific, but Shanna stood by his side all the way. However, they didn't make it as a couple. Even though they're not together, she and Travis are still great friends.

The next day, Nicole hosts the brunch for all the ladies. Liz Bonds, the ex-wife of Barry Bonds, comes in wearing a fur vest, and Bria, Nicole's daughter, has a fur purse, which upsets Mayte to the extreme! She decides that she has to leave because of it, which is a mess. All of a sudden, we hear glass break, and Jessica and Nicole run to see what the commotion is. Mayte threw a big container of glass and broke it, which is absolutely ridiculous. Mayte says that she "pulled her purse out" and the container "fell." Does anyone else call BS? Mayte is known to have a temper, and she definitely did that on purpose, which is childish.  I understand that you're passionate about animals and not wearing fur or eating meat, but who are you to try to force your beliefs down other people's throats?! And then, Mayte couldn't even face Nicole afterward. She runs away like a punk when Nicole and Bria run out to confront her!

After all the drama, Drea shows up...with a new man Brian! In a shocker, she announces to the ladies that she's getting married! Everyone is happy for her, but they need details, and so do I!

The next day, Mayte goes to see Jessica at work. Everybody is pissed at her because no one except for Jessica's often gullible self thinks that it's an accident. Mayte is a little disappointed that Jessica didn't stand by her, and she doesn't want to apologize for what she did at all.

Later, Andrea and Brian go out with Andrea and Terrell. Turns out Andrea and Brian met at the airport, and quickly fell in love. Brian hasn't met R. Kelly yet, though, but I'm not expecting that to happen anytime soon. Andrea feels that her quick engagement works for her family. Brian doesn't want kids, and even had a vasectomy. Andrea might actually want kids though, and that might be an issue later on down the line. Andrea wants to get married in L.A. since they met here, and they want to live here too. She seems really happy, so all power to her!

Andrea eventually meets up with Mayte to get her version of the drama at the brunch. She admits in hr confessional  that it wasn't actually an accident. Andrea is real with her, and tells her that it's messed up and disrespectful. Mayte feels that Nicole allowed people to wear fur, but how was Nicole supposed to know that people were going to wear fur? And even if she did, she's not going to tell them, "Oh, don't wear fur because Mayte's coming?" Bye Mayte. However, there was a good ending when Andrea reveals to Mayte that she is engaged! She wanted to wait to tell them all together, but Mayte, of course, wasn't there. The two hug and celebrate together.

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