"Inadequate"-The Challenge: Free Agents E4 (RECAP)

Definitely a drama-filled episode of The Challenge: Free Agents last night! Picking up from last episode, the house has a pool party with cocktails, where Aneesa is annoyed by Laurel and Jordan's constant bragging and showmance. The next morning, she complains about how they had sex in her room, and jokes about how they were weird during their time together. Aneesa clearly doesn't like either one of them, because, let's be honest, they are both overachieving and braggy competitors. They're good, but what's really turned me off about Jordan especially is that he's been in ONE other challenge (Rivals II), and he thinks he's the best competitor we've ever seen. I've been watching these challenges a longggg time, sir. You're good, but you still have a lot to learn.

The next day, the house walks up to the beach to see huge bubbles with their faces on them! T.J. reveals that they will be playing Bounce Out for the day. The players will be divided into two teams, the Red Team and the Yellow Team. Once the teams are decided, they will split into two groups--Group A and Group B. Each group has one player that is the ball, and the rest of the team is going to protect the ball and defend against the ball. Basically do any and everything to get their player the space and opportunity to get into the goal. Once one team scores, the other group comes out to give that team a break. Plus there can't be too many people on the field or it would just be confusing for everybody! The first team that gets three points wins the game, and is safe from elimination.

It was a funny game to watch! The players are being knocked around here and there, running into each
other to either get to the goal or keep the other team's ball away from the goal. It was entertaining for sure! Isaac, who was the ball for Group B for Team Yellow, was definitely disappointing, though. He was always falling and couldn't outrun anyone! The Red Team definitely puts up a strong fight, and Preston ends up being the MVP for the team, helping to get Jordan in the goal twice! The Red Team wins the challenge for the day, and are safe from elimination, though now they have to each decide who they are voting for from the Yellow Team to send into elimination.

After talking with Jordan and Laurel about possible choices for elimination, Jessica lets Aneesa know that her name was in the running. Of course, knowing Aneesa, she confronts Jordan, thinking that Laurel brought her name up to be eliminated (which obviously she did). When Aneesa reveals that Jessica told her, Jordan and Jessica get in a huge fight during deliberation. Jordan calls out Jessica, saying that she's been carried through this competition. Jessica calls him inadequate, letting him know that he's not as perfect as he thinks he is. No one's really on the same page with who they're voting for, but, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. This is Free Agents, and everyone is essentially on their own. Sure, you may want to be careful with who you vote in, but it's each person's individual decision, though some of these players clearly go wherever the wind is blowing.

Right before the names are announced, Aneesa hears Laurel whisper to Swift to vote for her, pissing Aneesa off even more. After the team votes individually once, there's ends up being a tie between Aneesa and Latoya. After TJ tells them to each pick between the two girls, there is another ties, and it comes down to CT. He easily votes Latoya. Latoya calls out Jordan for being fake after coming into her room, being all friendly, and knowing he was voting her in. Her mentality is that if you're going to vote for her, tell her. Don't be fake about it, and that's why I love her! Brandon gets voted in, and partly blames Swift for his vote. Afterwards, Latoya continues to go IN on Jordan. Laurel goes to try to defend him, but it definitely didn't work. Personally, I think they're both getting a little too big for their britches and need to be knocked down a few pegs. Brandon himself also approaches Swift, who stupidly went with the crowd on voting him in for no reason. Swift sincerely apologizes and Brandon tells him to learn from his mistakes, and vote on his own accord.

The next night at elimination, Zach draws the Kill Card to go against Brandon, and Cara Maria unfortunately pulls it as well to go against Latoya. The game for the night is Oppenheimer. The goal is to race around a circular hallway and ring the bell in the center. They are bound to crash into each other, though, so it's . Best two out of three rounds. Cara Maria wins it, which was bittersweet, because Cara did deserve it, but I really like Latoya! I wish she could've stuck around a little longer. In the guys' heat, it was easy to see who would be taking this one. Though Zach and Brandon both played football, Zach is basically twice Brandon's size, and in a challenge like this, size means a lot. Brandon gives it his all, but Zach takes this one easily!

Back at the house, Aneesa and CT chat about how Laurel and Jordan think they're some power couple that runs the house. Annoyed at them both, plus pissed at Laurel trying to get everyone to vote for her, Aneesa plans to vote Laurel in every chance she gets! DRAMA!

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