"Not So Trivial Pursuits"-The Challenge: Free Agents Episode 6 (RECAP)

The Challenge: Free Agents is continuing to get interesting! Picking up from last episode, Theresa realizes that she messed up not saying Laurel’s name in the last elimination after she rallied a lot of people together to throw her in. Now, not only is Laurel gunning for her, but several people are mad at her for not standing with them. She and Devyn still plan to go after her again, though.

That night, the house celebrates Jonna's birthday. Of course, it’s crazy fun, with a lot of dancing and drinking. On the way back to the house, one van of folks make out seemingly the whole way home. Meanwhile, in the other van, Jordan starts an argument with Johnny and CT after telling them to shut up. CT, being his true self, goes off and puts the boy in his place. So, now Jordan has made an enemy out of him too. The next morning, Laurel tells Jordan that he needs to control himself. Good advice, but he definitely won’t.

At the sixth challenge, the competitors gather to play Smarty Pants, which they will play individually. It’s my favorite game of The Challenge—trivia! There will be two rounds, one for the guys and one for the girls. As the players are suspended on a platform over water, T.J. will ask a series of questions, and the competitors will only be able to miss two questions before they are dropped in the water. The first four guys and the first four girls to get dropped will go into the Draw. It's always funny, because people give the dumbest answers to the easiest questions (What language do they speak in Australia? Johnny Bananas answers Dutch. What?!). T.J. has too much fun pulling the lever to launch people into the water, which I always love. Zach, who is still not the sharpest tool in the shed, surprisingly wins for the guys and Devyn keeps her hair dry and wins for the girls! The two of them later will have to decide who will go into elimination.

Zach plans to throw in Swift, but refuses to actually tell him, saying that he doesn’t owe him anything. Devyn wants to throw in Laurel, but goes to talk to her. Laurel makes a list of the people and says that she thinks of Devyn as fifth in terms of throwing her into elimination. However, if Devyn says her name, Laurel will have no problem coming back for her. At the elimination, Zach throws Swift in, which Devyn supports with her vote. Surprisingly, Devyn throws in Theresa, which Zach supports since there’s only two of them. I guess she didn’t want to deal with Laurel’s wrath!

At the draw, Camila and Jordan draw the Kill Card. They play Looper, which, as we've seen before is an excruciatingly painful game for the players. There's a rope in the center of the ring. At each end of the rope, there's a hook that will be attached to each player The object is to weave around a post to make it to your bell, which makes it a tug of war battle. Jordan, however, easily beats Swift, which doesn't nothing to settle that huge ego. Theresa and Camila both dig in, but Camila eventually breaks, and lets the rope go, letting Theresa win and sending herself home. It’s crazy because Camila is such a tough competitor, so to see her break like that was almost unbelievable. Then again, this is a really tough elimination game! Sorry to see her go.

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