"You Be Illin'"-The Challenge: Free Agent Episode 3 (RECAP)

I owe y'all two recaps of The Challenge: Free Agents...one from last week and the episode last night, both which were crazy as always! Picking up from Episode 2, Nany and Cohutta clearly have a little romance brewing! The two decide to solidify their love with a fake marriage, and, of course, the rest of the house participates! CT and Isaac organize a bachelor party and the girls have a bachelorette party of their own, complete with a lap dance for Nany from Magic John (Johnny the rookie)!

The next day, Frank has to make a decision about whether he’ll go home. He's sick, and his lungs are a mess. After calling his mom, he refuses to give up, though. He calls his mom. The next night, the house gets a clue from TJ: “Let’s have some fun and do a bar crawl tomorrow.”

The next morning, the house arrives to the challenge, when TJ informs them that there’s a serious problem in the house. Frank has a viral infection and is very contagious, and he gets sent home! Though I get why TJ did it, (obviously, you can't be infecting everybody for a game!), it still sucks because Frank won BOTH eliminations that he got the draw card for, and has won big in these challenges. Deep down, though, I know the guys are a little relieved, because, even in all his drama, Frank is a good competitor.

TJ continues on, announcing that the team will be playing Bar Crawl in teams of four. There's a giant wall with holes suspended over the water, and there are two bars through those holes. Each team of four will get on the wall, two players on one side, and two on the other. You have to use those two bars as a walkway to get the entire team to the other side. One player will shove a bar through the hole for your partner to use, and then your partner does the same until everyone makes it across. It's timed, so the team that gets the most players to the other end the quickest. The two last place teams will go straight in the Draw, and one guy and one girl will be selected by the winning team to go into the elimination round.

After teams are selected, Jasmine's team is one person short since Frank was eliminated. T.J. gives her, Jonna, and Jordan the option to either play or sit this out. They will not be in the Draw, but they will still be open to be nominated. They decide to play anyway, which puts them at a serious disadvantage. During the challenge, the teams all try their own strategies to make it across. Most make it, slowly but surely. During his heat with Jasmine and Jonna, Jordan drops the log, and the team gets disqualified! Cara Maria's team gets the slowest time, heading straight to the Draw as well. The winners for the challenge are Brandon's team, consisting of himself, Johnny, Camila, and Jessica, safe from elimination. They now have to send in one guy and one girl that's not already in the Draw, which is always hard.

The next day at the house, the team deliberates. Camila talks around with the different girls to see who will have her back at the end of the day to see who she will vote in. At the end of the day, Johnny gets voted in, since he's a rookie. Nia also gets voted in. Even though this game's format is completely different, people know how to work the system, and, unfortunately for the rookies, they're fresh meat and almost always get eliminated first.

That night at the Draw, T.J. reveals that if none of the guys flip the Kill Card, there won't be a guy's elimination since Frank was already sent home. Unfortunately for Cara Maria, she's left with the Kill Card after the other three girls draw, to go up against Nia. None of the guys pull the Kill Card which gets Johnny a pass back in the house!

The girls are left to play Looper. There's a rope in the center of the ring. At each end of the rope, there's a hook that will be attached to each girl. The object is to weave around a post to make it to your bell, which means that there will be a  tug of war battle to the finish! It's all about who wants it more. At first, Cara Maria really struggles, but after Johnny starts throwing digs at her, she finds her on switch and pushes through! Nia's body shuts down after a while, and Cara Maria snags the win after 80 MINUTES of this! She definitely earned the respect and love of the house (maybe even a little respect from Johnny). I root for her because she's always the underdog in these challenges, so part of me wants to see her win. She's a good competitor!

Last night's recap of The Challenge: Free Agents coming up soon! Make sure you check out the show on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. only on MTV!

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