Hollywood Exes S3, E4 (RECAP)

This week is ALL about playing catchup. Life has been ultra crazy, especially now that summer is
about to be in full effect, and I’m trying to get everything back on track. So, this week, God willing, you’ll see a bunch of recaps and hopefully a few spotlights I need to get up. I also hope to edit my video from my night at Danity Kane’s No Filter Tour, when they hit the Fillmore in Silver Spring a few weeks ago!

But enough about my personal stuff. I owe you quite a few recaps of Hollywood Exes (I MISSED THREE WEEKS!), and I want to be caught up by the next episode, so let’s get to it. Picking up from episode 3, we see Andrea who is very excited about her upcoming nuptials. However, the ladies still have their doubts. Nicole, who offers to host the wedding at her house, plans with Andrea and brings up her questions again. She wants to make sure if Andrea is absolutely positive about this, wondering if maybe the wedding could be postponed. Andrea is not trying to hear it, though. She wants to marry Brian, saying that divorce isn’t even an option. Come to find out though, that Nicole’s house is on “cursed ground.” Apparently, all of the couples that live in the area have gotten divorced. Wow! I don’t necessarily believe so much in luck, as I do blessings from God, but that’s some bad juju!

Later the ladies go out to celebrate Andrea’s engagement. They quickly start grilling her, and Andrea reveals that she hasn’t or will ever sign a pre-nup. Even though most of her money is legally in a trust, the rest of the ladies think she should still get a pre-nup just in case. Later, when Jessica goes shoe shopping with Drea and Shamicka, she brings up the pre-nup again, which frustrates Drea, who feels like the ladies aren’t in support of the relationship. She begins to cry, saying that she wouldn’t even care if he took her money. According to her, in the past six months, he’s been through a lot being with her, and she thinks she would deserve it (I don’t know about all that Drea!). I get where she’s coming from, because who would want to hear people talking about what you should do in your relationship all the time. However, everyone’s just being concerned friends. With Drea not only being an ex-wife of a popular singer, and now a reality TV star, it’s understandable why her friends would question Brian’s motives. The tables quickly turn on Jessica, when Drea and Shamicka asked about her fling with Austin, and that got her upset too. Jessica goes to Shanna with her complaints on that.

Later, we find that Andrea is throwing a 70s theme birthday party, for which she invites a lot of her friends including all of the ladies. Tony, who’s been there for Andrea for over 20 years, is still very suspicious of Brian, eventually going back and forth with the man over who Andrea belongs with. Brian then tries to attack Tony, and has to be held back. The whole thing obviously ruins the party mood, with Andrea at first wanting to end it. However, she was convinced to stay, and the party eventually turned back for the better. Brian gifts Drea with a brand spanking new Benz, putting her back in a happy mood (though I’m not sure where he’s getting Benz money from though!). When the ladies play with the birthday cake, throwing it at each other, and Jessica gets splattered with cake in the face by Shanna, Jessica goes OFF! Looks as though their little friendship might be over.

The next day, seemingly in a “revenge” mode, Shanna shares with Sheree and Mayte that Jessica had sent her some very interesting texts about the ladies, saying that “white girls and black girls don’t mix” and that “Shamicka was a hood rat.” Oh my goodness. Sheree and Mayte were obviously shocked, as I was, because Jessica has such good relationships, or so it seems, with these girls, that it’s hard to imagine her saying anything like that. All I know is that this is DEFINITELY going to start some trouble when the other women find out!

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