Hollywood Exes S3, E5 (RECAP)

Catching up on Hollywood Exes! Hoping to finish these all today! Picking up from episode 4, Andrea and Sheree go out to taste cakes, and Sheree lets Drea know about the texts that Jessica sent. This obviously upsets Andrea, since she has, for one, always had Jessica’s back and has tried to be there and back her up on several different occasions! Though Jessica is known not to have a filter, this is too far!

Mayte herself wants to talk with Jessica first, before she gets too upset about the situation. However, to be honest, Jessica’s texts are the least of her worries right now. She’s trying to get pregnant with Humberto, and she still isn’t yet. Sheree herself thinks that Mayte should slow down a bit. She and Humberto just got together, even though they’ve been knowing each other for years. Plus, he doesn’t even live in L.A. right now. I know he’s planning to move there, but it seems like it’s too soon to be thinking about having another child. Same thing with Andrea. It seems like both Mayte and Drea think that babies will be perfect to add to their already somewhat complicated love lives. They’re still trying to work things out, and a baby, though a blessing, will only add more complications. Mayte, however, later goes to an OB/GYN to make sure she’s actually still fertile. Her mother Nelly went through early menopause. However, the doctor tells her that she is able to have kids, in spite of her age.

Mayte, Nicole, and Sheree eventually meet with Jessica to discuss these crazy texts. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. Jessica doesn’t have a clear explanation to why she would say something like that, saying that she wrote the text after some black girls were getting on her for dating a black guy. However, it still doesn’t explain why she would say that. She also couldn’t explain calling Shamicka a hood rat AGAIN, after she knew the big debacle that caused last season when she said she was “joking.” Obviously, for you to say it again, you’re not joking. Jessica got frustrated after Sheree continued to push her to explain, and, of course, in fine Jessica Canseco fashion, got up and left. Mayte and Sheree discuss the situation again later on in the episode, not thinking that Jessica is really a racist or hates any of the ladies. She said a very stupid thing, though.

Later, Drea and Brian go to see Sheree’s husband Terrell, for some marriage counseling, especially about having kids, which the two of them completely disagree about. Terrell sits back and listens to them both, eventually coming to the conclusion that Andrea identifies herself mainly as a mom, because she had her kids with R. Kelly mostly to herself as he was out on the road. When Drea talks about it with Sheree, Sheree admits she was in a similar situation. All she wanted was to have a baby with Terrell when they first got married, because all she had was her son. However, Terrell didn’t feel like they should, and that caused some resentment for years. Seems like Andrea has to decide if she wants to go through that same thing. She can’t really expect Brian to change his mind, but if having another baby is so important to her, seems she should really consider if this man is the right one for here.

At the end of the episode, Shamicka finds out about Jessica’s texts and she is LIVID! Understandably so. No telling what this is going to do to the group dynamic. Jessica seems like a decent person, but the stuff she says sometimes is completely out of line.

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