Hollywood Exes S3, E6 (RECAP)

Last recap of Hollywood Exes to catch up on (Now I have to get on Free Agents)! Picking up from episode 5  , Shanna goes to get airbrush laser liposuction to get a thigh gap (to each his own), with Mayte by her side to support her. In addition to this procedure, she wanted to get her breasts done, and maybe would have, had she not messed up her friendship with Jessica and can’t really go to Jessica’s ex-husband who does implants. Oh well. The liposuction itself goes well, though.

Meanwhile, Nicole is planning a trip to Hawaii, and everyone is invited—yes, even Jessica, which is sure to stir the pot. However, before she’s officially invited, Nicole wants to sit down with her. Jessica heads over to Nicole’s house to talk with her, as well as Sheree and Mayte again. They wanted her to know how they felt when they read that text, and for Jessica to offer up a sincere apology. However, that is not Jessica’s style. We all know that. She eventually runs away again, which would piss me off as a friend. Man up, admit what you said, and apologize. That’s it. It still doesn’t make it okay, but at least you acknowledge that you were in the wrong. Jessica doesn't seem capable of doing that.

Before the trip, Shanna speaks with her therapist about her intense fear of flying, which is understandable seeing as though her ex-husband Travis was in a terrible plane crash that almost took his life. However, after her session, she feels like she’ll be okay. The therapist advises her to take some valium, which she does, along with a few glasses of wine, which knocks her out during the flight to Hawaii with the ladies. Andrea ends up missing the first, running late, and takes a second one in. However, Jessica didn’t bother to show up at all, even after Nicole invited her over voicemail. I’m sure some of the ladies are happy about that. However, Nicole struggles because throughout her friendship with Jessica, Jessica has never shut her out like this, even during their roughest times.

When the ladies get to Hawaii, they arrive to a gorgeous house with plenty of room. However, Mayte’s relationship troubles with Humberto weigh heavy on her brain. She feels he’s been distant, and, of course, she wants to know why. See….this right here is why they need to wait on the kid front. They both need to work on their own issues before bringing another child into the equation. During their first night, the ladies drink, which results in First Lady Sheree getting drunk and sick and having to go to bed first. The rest of the ladies then decide to prank her, drawing over her face and chest! Fun times!

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