Hollywood Exes S3, E7 (RECAP)

Hollywood Exes has definitely been really good this season! Picking up from last episode (there wasn't a new episode last week because of I Love The 2000s), the ladies are still in Hawaii living it up! The next morning, Sheree wakes up to find all of the writing on her from her drunken night! It was so funny, as the girls talk about everything they wrote. At that moment, Drea comes in, and has to hurry to get changed since the ladies plan to ride ATVs. One the way there, she reveals that she had a breakdown with the wedding plans, which is literally happening in a few weeks. She invites all of them to be bridesmaids, minus Shanna, who takes it in stride since she’s new to the group. It’s a little late in the game to be asking though! Mayte has her own issues as well, with Humberto who’s giving her somewhat of the silent treatment. The ladies eventually crack jokes, and Andrea says out loud that it's a lot more fun that Jessica isn't here. The first of many digs at Jessica throughout the episode.

The ladies finally get to the ATV trail. Everything is dirty, and the girls have to wear helmets, shoes, and bandanas. When someone asks if there are donkeys on the trail, Shanna makes a dig of her own, saying, “We have one at home. Her name is Jessica.” The rest of the ladies laugh, while Nicole looks uncomfortable. It was clear to me in that moment, that Shanna is really trying hard to fit in with these girls, and will go along with the flow to do it. When they get on the trail, Nicole and Sheree book it, as do Mayte and Shanna. However, Drea and Shamicka take their nice slow, Driving Miss Daisy time. It looked like they had a fun time, though.

That night, the ladies go to Morimoto for dinner. Humberto texts Mayte saying that he's been trying to talk to her. He apparently threatened to break up with her, and she didn't like that at all. The ladies advise her to fight for the man she loves, and make it work. Andrea brings up the fight between Brian and Tony, which was crazy. Andrea really wants Tony to see that he’s not losing her as a sister. He’s just gaining a brother in Brian, but Tony, of course, doesn’t see it that way. However, all in all, she is more worried about the wedding. As I watched, I thought how crazy how Andrea and Brian are getting married so quickly, yet Nicole and her fiancé Michael still haven’t taken that walk. Jessica's name is brought up yet again, and everybody talks about how Jessica is so fake. This situation is really bringing out the ugly in people, especially Drea. It's uncomfortable for Nicole, because she still considers Jessica a friend.

The next day, the ladies go paddleboarding. Andrea reveals that she almost drowned when she was younger, so she is petrified. However, the ladies finally get her out into the water, but when a wave hits her, she makes her way back to the beach. The rest of the ladies do yoga moves on the board, which is cool, but it's not for me. Sheree and Drea have drinks instead, and just talk. Sheree admits that she has to talk to Terrell about stepping down from leading the Women's Ministry. She's prayed about it, and doesn't believe that it's her true calling. She's afraid that it might affect her marriage, though.

Later, Nicole and Sheree walk the beach to talk about Jessica. Nicole is over everybody bashing her, and is irritated. Sheree thinks it’s probably best that Jessica didn't come. Maybe the rest of the ladies all needed to come together and just express their feelings about the whole thing. Jessica needs to accept responsibility for what she did, and try to make amends. However, Sheree also thinks there needs to be some type of forgiveness and closure, even if Jessica isn’t friends with the other ladies anymore.

Nicole then goes to talk to Shamicka about it. Shamicka's not forgiving ANYTHING. She feels like Jessica did this to herself. Shamicka was called a hood rat by the girl TWICE, so I get where she's coming from. She gets emotional because she doesn't like being put into a box like that, and doesn’t want to have Jessica in her life. I think what irritates everyone the most is that Jessica doesn't seem to be trying to put effort towards making things right. If I said something to offend my friends, I would apologize, and try my best not to do it anymore. So I get why a lot of the ladies are over her.

That night, the ladies go out to dinner, and talk about their fun they've had this weekend. Mayte talks again about Humberto, bringing up the fact that the distance is what hurts her the most. She needs affection, which is understandable. To make the night a little more fun, Shanna brings up the game "Screw, Marry, Kill," which the ladies all play with each other’s exes and current loves, and, eventually each other! It was all fun and games, and a good way to end the day.

The next morning, the ladies find out that they are all over the blogs from their trip on the beach. Some of the photos are nice, but others are TERRIBLE. Sheree gets a bad shot of her put next to a picture of Jada, while Drea gets a shot of her wedgie. It brings up the fact of how terrible and messy the media can be (and how I NEVER want to be as a writer). People are coming down more and more on Drea because she is going after R. Kelly for child support. The way I see it, a man should WANT to provide for his kids, especially when they’re accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Just because you and the mother aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean that you just disappear from their lives. All of the ladies are used to getting called gold diggers, and people making assumptions about them. This is why I love this show. They all are truly friends, and all get each other.

On their last night, they have a nice dinner. Drea asks Sheree how she thinks Terrell will feel about her stepping down from the Women’s Ministry, which is news to the rest of the ladies. Sheree wants to pass that mantle and move on to something new. She’d rather do conferences for women to connect with and uplift each other. To lighten up the mood, Nicole tells all the ladies that they should play Truth or Dare. In a stupid move, Shanna asks Nicole to ask if Drea ever partook in "golden showers," which relates back to the R. Kelly incident years back. We went almost three seasons without anyone going there! Drea walks away upset, and Nicole and Shanna realize that it just went over their heads. Shanna said she heard it in a Macklemore song, not knowing what it was, but I find it reallyyyy interesting how it was Drea who got asked that question and not anyone else. Sheree and Mayte go to comfort her, where Drea reveals how hard it’s been because it had such a huge effect on her and her kids. She's mad at Robert for it, if anything, not Nicole and Shanna, but it was still upsetting. Just a bad way to end their last night in Hawaii.

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