"Pride Before the Wall"-The Challenge: Free Agents Episode 7 (RECAP)

Trying my best to get these recaps up...sorry I'm so behind, but I WILL get up everything I have to say (LOL)!  Picking up from episode 6 of The Challenge: Free Agents (so long ago!), the rivalry between Jordan and Johnny Bananas continues. That night, the house gets a clue from T.J. that reads: "Nothing beats a traditional Uruguayan barbecue!" Looks like the he house is going to be eating some great Uruguayan cuisine!

The next morning, Theresa talks to Aneesa about being betrayed by Devyn, since Devyn voted her into elimination. Now she feels like her name will be brought up again, and she'll be used as a scapegoat. Leroy himself also doesn't want to be voted in. He'd rather go into the draw and take a slight risk, versus being voted in by someone else.

That morning, the house gathers to play Sausage Party as individuals. Surprisingly, it's not an eating competition like everyone thought! There are two rounds, one for the guys, and one for the girls. Everyone gets wrapped up like a sausage in plastic wrap, with each player having to make their way through a course, rolling through condiments along the way. The first guy and girl to make it wins! The last three guys and the last three girls are up for elimination.

It's funny to watch, because everyone looks like fish out of water flopping around, trying to roll through this course! Though there was some struggle towards the end (each player has to roll on top of a bun at the end), Laurel takes it for the ladies. The guys have their turn. Jordan basically quits right at the beginning, planning  to go to the Draw because he knows that Johnny (not Bananas) and Zach are in the lead, and won't vote him in. After a close race, Johnny makes it on his bun first.

Back at the house, Johnny wants to vote for Bananas so Jordan can go against him. He plans to flip over every single card to go against Bananas. It's very foolish and prideful on his part, because he's risking his shot at all this money, just to try to prove something. Stupid!

That night, the house goes out to Moby Dick's to party and just have fun. Aneesa tries to butter Laurel up into not voting, but her presentation was a mess. Both Aneesa and Theresa realize that it will be either of them getting voted in. At the deliberation, Laurel ends up voting for Aneesa and Johnny backs her up. Johnny votes in Bananas, and Laurel backs him up. From that point, I was hoping that Jordan gets eliminated and Bananas shuts him up for good.

At elimination, Jordan flips over all three cards to go against Johnny, though he had some hesitation about it. He stuck to his word, though. Jonna pulls the Kill Card after second guessing her first choice. The elimination game is Wrecking Wall. You have to punch and kick your way through the 30 foot wall to make a path to climb up and ring the bell. Though Jonna played the game before and won, Aneesa kills it and sends Jonna home. When it came time for Bananas and Jordan's heat, they are pretty neck and neck, to the point where I really didn't know what was going to happen. HOWEVER, like it was an act of God, Jordan slips and falls, allowing Bananas to win! I don't feel bad for Jordan at all. In fact, in my mind, just a reality TV thing, there was no way as long as Johnny Bananas has been in these games, that he was going to lose. Jordan talked way too much trash, and wasn't fully able to back it up. Hopefully he learns from his cockiness, and comes back to another challenge with a more level head (If they have a Rivals II, he and Bananas are DEFINITELY teammates!).

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