"Strike a Pose, There's Something To It"-The Challenge: Free Agents Episode 8 (RECAP)

Catching up! Picking up from episode 7 of The Challenge: Free Agents, the house holds a mock
funeral for Devyn's water wig, Tamara, which was destroyed in the last challenge. It's so funny, watching everyone fake cry and mourn and Devyn fall out all over the place! Later, they go out and party. Leroy laments on how much he hates this game. Preston himself is at peace with it, though. Maybe a little too at peace. Several people in the house think that Preston is just floating on by, not really into the game, but just here just to be here, which may very well be true.

Meanwhile, Nany is afraid she's going to hurt Cohutta, not knowing when she'll be going home and really afraid of being vulnerable. Back at the house, Nany starts flirting with Johnny, and they end up hooking up. The next morning, the rumors spread around the house about what happened, but Cohutta doesn't know. Nany admits that she did something stupid, but doesn't think that he should be catching feelings. The sad part is that Nany is passing up a good guy in Cohutta because she doesn’t know how to deal with her feelings.
Later, the house gets a clue from T.J.: "You need to stretch your mind to be able to win tomorrow's challenge." The next day, the house plays Hold That Pose, in two teams of 7. We see two separate cages with 28 straps and seven different colors. The object of the game is for each player to use their four straps to pull and hold themselves up from the group for one minute. It’s very tricky since not only does this require physical strength, it’s a bit of a mental game as well to decide where everyone is going to be. However, Devyn's team kills it, taking the win! They are safe from elimination and will decide who will go in.

Back at the house, Nany talks to Preston about Cohutta. She doesn't want to make him feel bad or look stupid, and she feels terrible because of how she seems to others. She should feel bad. Like I said, Cohutta is a nice guy, and treats Nany very well. Later, Nany sobs to Cohutta about hooking up with Johnny. She doesn't want to hurt him, because she genuinely cares. She pushes people away, but Cohutta tells her that she has to be a little vulnerable and not close everybody out and not believe that all guys are the same. See? A true southern sweetheart!

At deliberation the next day, the team unaminously votes Aneesa and Preston. That night, at the Draw, Laurel draws the Kill Card for the battle against Aneesa! Cohutta pulls the Kill Card to go against Preston (*gasp*). They play Oppenheimer. The goal is to race around a circular hallway and ring the bell in the center. They are bound to crash into each other, though, so you have to fight and strategize to make your way to the finish. Best two out of three round wins. Preston fights hard, but Cohutta manages to win and make it back to the house. Aneesa fights hard too, but Laurel beats her by literally milliseconds. It sucks, because I can't stand Laurel at all. I really wanted Aneesa to take her out. That would’ve been MAJOR!

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