"Talk to the Hand"-The Challenge: Free Agents Episode 10 (RECAP)

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Moving on to the topic at hand. We are nearing the end of The Challenge: Free Agents, so the game is gettingmore intense! Picking up from episode 9, Cara Maria went to the hospital for x-rays on her hand, and never returned. People are definitely worried that she’ll be eliminated. Laurel, who hasn’t been the best friend to Cara Maria lately, is confronted by CT and Johnny about it. When Cara returns with a cast on her hand, Laurel tries to talk to her, but Cara is over it. She says that she’s done with Laurel and walks away.

The players hit the beach for their challenge, where I was expecting T.J. to send Cara home like he did Frank when he got that nasty infection. However, he tells her that she can stay, but if she injures herself more then that’s on her (i.e., MTV will assume no legal responsibility if something goes wrong). The players play Crossover in male/ female pairs since it’s all even. They have to swim across the lagoon to a sand dune, dig up puzzle pieces, and swim with the pieces back to the shore where they have to put together a puzzle.

The players are mostly used to swimming in these challenges, but the real struggle comes when they realized that there’s a lot of mud they have to get through. Nany and Bananas manage to take the lead early in the game, but all of the teams eventually become neck and neck. Once they get their pieces, all of the teams have a hard time putting this puzzle together. However, Nany and Bananas manage to finish theirs first, winning the challenge.

Though the stress of the game has to be on people’s minds, the house goes out for drinks as always to burn off some steam. Cara Maria gets upset that Theresa is kissing up to Nany to stay away from elimination, believing that Theresa is a snake and will do just about anything to stay in the game. But we all knew that! I knew that when she let everybody else do her dirty work to vote Laurel into elimination some weeks back. No shocker that she’s now all up on Nany.

Nany and Bananas eventually deliberate who they will send in. Bananas talks with CT to try to make a deal with him to avoid putting him up for elimination, but CT’s not up for games. He keeps it simple: “Don’t say my name, and I won’t say yours.” However, Nany and Bananas do decide to vote in CT, as well as Cara Maria, which sends her off the deep end, going in on Theresa for basically campaigning for votes. It’s a part of the game, but to be this close to the end, you definitely don’t want to have to face an elimination round now! Johnny and CT try to comfort her and make sure she doesn’t quit, and she’s not. Good for her. Cara Maria is the underdog every challenge, and she manages to do pretty well.

Later that night, the house heads over to elimination, where it looks like the game is Wrecking Wall. This sucks for Cara with her hand messed up (or could it be a plus since she has the cast on her hand and can break through easier? I don’t know). In the Draw, Leroy and Laurel pull the Kill Card, and it’s ex-friends Laurel and Cara Maria against each other, which will be a good battle to watch! The episode ends on a cliffhanger, not knowing who will be sent home!

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