"The $350,000 Pyramid"-The Challenge: Free Agents Episode 11 (RECAP)

We are almost at the very end of The Challenge: Free Agents, and I'm excited to see who's going to win! Picking up from last week, the elimination round is in motion! The players play Wrecking Wall, with each player having to punch and kick holes in a wall to make it to the top. CT claws and punches that wall with a vengeance! It's neck and neck between him and Leroy, but CT manages to make it to his bell first, sending Leroy home. Now Bananas might just have to deal with CT's revenge. Then comes time for the REAL battle! Unfortunately for Cara, the hurt hand is what really hurt her in the game, and Laurel blows past her. Laurel apologizes surprisingly at the end, but for Cara, the friendship can't be what it was.

After the losing players leave the arena, T.J. announces that the remaining players need to meet him at the airport, because they are going to the Andes Mountains! When they get there, it's absolutely beautiful , and the house is amazing too! They have a great view of the mountains, and there's even a smoking volcano! However the volcano is called "House of the Devil," so you just KNOW that it's about to go down in this final. Even though it's cool that they're switching up locations, this brings along a new challenge as well since no one knows what to expect.

The next morning, T.J. announces that there's only room for six people in this Final, and that there's going to be a Draw right here, right now. Two of the cards are blank, and two of them are Kill Cards. Obviously if you draw the Kill Card, you have to go into the elimination round. CRAZY! CT and Bananas end up having to battle it out, while Johnny the Rookie gets to go to the Final. Laurel and Theresa get the Kill Cards, while Devyn automatically gets to the Final, which is crazy. I love Devyn, but she skated past this entire challenge.

For the final elimination round, the players will play Puzzle Pyramid. Each player has to solve three puzzles to make it up their side of the pyramid. I'm not the biggest fan of Theresa, but I really can't stand Laurel, so she needs to go. Theresa begins to panic when Laurel moves ahead of her, but manages to catch up. However, Laurel eventually takes it and sends Theresa home. I still don't like Laurel, but I can't say she doesn't deserve to be there. It sucks for Theresa to make it that far, and then get sent home, though. Bananas glides through these puzzles and wins for the guys, sending CT home, which is crazy because he's normally very great at puzzles.

The final six players are Laurel, Nany, Devyn, Bananas, Johnny, and Zach. T.J. warns them that this Final will be the hardest thing they've ever done, and they should get some rest. Of course, they're all nervous about what's coming. Nany is bothered a little bit that Laurel is here, not necessarily because she's scared to face her, but because Laurel just prances around like she knows she's going to win. That should motivate Nany to go hard and do what she needs to do to possibly beat Laurel in the end.

That night, the competitors get a clue from T.J.: "I hope you are all ready for tomorrow, because it will be the hardest day of your lives." The next day, T.J. announces that the Final will have five stages, and for the first three, the players will be in guy-girl pairs. After every stage, you will trade partners. For stages four and five, you will be completely on your own. The guy and the girl with the fastest times wins $125,000. Second place gets $35,000, and third gets $15,000.  The first stage is a kayak race! The players have to get their oars from the middle of the water, come back to their kayaks, and race it to the finish line.

From the very start, Laurel and Bananas, who get teamed together of course, are KILLING it! Meanwhile, Devyn and Zach are going in circles, which frustrates Zach extremely, and Nany and Johnny end up going down the rapids backwards for quite a while! Devyn and Zach hit a rock and their kayak overturns. They both have to be rescued because their kayak is halfway downstream. While Devyn quickly makes it in the rescue boat, Zach gets swept up in the current, which is definitely scary! And, of course, that's how the episode ends. God only knows what's going to happen!

Check out the FINAL EPISODE of The Challenge: Free Agents this Thursday at 10 p.m. ET only on MTV!

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