In The Spotlight: Buffalo Sunn

Keeping up with my goal of at least one spotlight a week (no matter what day it falls on *smiles*)! Still looking for great writers & bloggers as well to develop more content for the site, so email me at BrittanyShawnte@gmail.com for more information! 

Today, on The Spotlight, we have rock/alternative band Buffalo Sunn! Based in Dublin, Ireland, the group utlilizes retro 60s sounds as well as modern day beats to make up their unique sound. Four of the band’s members are actually brothers (the Paxton brothers--Daniel, who serves as songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist, Neil, who plays the keys, guitar and delivers backing vocals, Conor on keys and guitar and Ruairi on bass). The other two members (“honorary members of the Paxton clan) are Donagh O’Brien who plays drums, and Patrick McHugh who sings and plays guitar. The Paxton brothers themselves were sent to learn piano at an early age. “We hated it at the time because we had to go every Friday straight from school,” Daniel, who served as spokesman in this interview, recalled. “So while everyone was off for the weekend playing, we had to go to lessons!” However, after a few years, the brothers got the hang of piano and picked up guitar quite easily as well, becoming true musicians at just 12, 13 years old!


CONCERTS: Wale Performs at the Phi Beta Sigma Centennial Step Show Competition (7/17/2014)

This summer has been too much fun, filled with trips, concerts, and great events! Best summer I've had in a long time! Last week, I went to the Phi Beta Sigma Step Show, as the fraternity celebrated their 100th anniversary in DC (Congrats to them!!!). My best friend Chelsey and her sorority sister Joyti are a part of Zeta Phi Beta, which are sisters to the Sigmas, so they went out to support them throughout the week. Last Thursday, though, the Sigmas hosted a step show with several chapters battling it out for first place! After the step show, there was a concert by the one and only Wale! Now, if you've followed me long enough, you know I'm a HUGE fan of Wale (see this concert, and this concert)! It had been a few years since I saw him live, so, even though I was going to support my friends as they supported their brothers' celebration, I was mostly going to see my favorite rapper (was rocking my #Ambition tshirt and everything!).

I was going to wait until Friday to put out these videos, but I've been editing and uploading a lot of the day, so I figured why not today?! Plus, it's #WaleWednesday, so, especially for the rest of Wale Nation, here you go!


CONCERTS: Diana Ross Performs at the Montreal International Jazz Festival (July 4, 2014)

I have to admit, I've been busy enjoying life this month, taking some time away from both work and the blog, relaxing, going to Montreal, checking out some concerts, and visiting family. Though it probably seems bad professionally, personally I'm quite okay with that. All work and absolutely no play will drive you to a whole other level of crazy, so July really was/is the month to take some time out for me and regroup. I definitely have some new personal and career ideas in motion, though!

While most of you were off enjoying the fireworks and partying on Fourth of July weekend, I took a trip with my best friend and her sorority sister to Montreal, Quebec, Canada!!! From July 3-7, the city hosted the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival, bringing over local and international artists to perform throughout the city! It was really cool to experience another country and culture, and I hope to take a major trip every year outside of the U.S.!

Diana Ross was set to perform July 3-4 at the Place Des Arts, just a few blocks from our hotel, so my bestie snagged us tickets! It was AMAZING to be in the audience as a TRUE legend performed! And, of course, I got some video!


In The Spotlight: Travis Caudle

I absolutely love how many international artists I have had the opportunity to feature on The Spotlight this year! It’s always cool to feature people outside of the U.S. to give you all a little taste of what the outside world really has to offer. It’s also allowed me to talk with a lot of awesome people! Getting back into the swing of things after all of these vacations and whatnot, so I have even more in the works!

Today, we have Australian pop/rock artist Travis Caudle! Travis admitted that he fell in love with music at a really young age. “Dad was always into stereo systems in a big way and buying the latest records and Mum plays piano, so it was always around,” he said, even recalling his first concert experience at the toddler level! “I clearly remember being at a Neil Diamond concert in Perth, Western Australia where I’m from, when I was two or three and wondering why he had red, green and blue hair (the lights!!!). Mum and Dad must not have been able to find a babysitter that night!” he joked.


In The Spotlight: Constance Renoir

I have a lot of spotlights coming up, and even more submissions to look through soon. I plan to
hopefully have at least one spotlight a week for a bit, while I catch up (*fingers crossed*). As always, if you or your client is an upcoming singer, rapper, actor, designer, etc., please email me at BrittanyShawnte@gmail.com (Please give at least two weeks for response). 

Today on The Spotlight, we have singer/songwriter Constance Renoir! Raised in Brooklyn, NY, Constance got into music at a very young age. “I would say, by 9 years old, I had written my first song, and I knew that I could really sing,” she said. In junior high, the singer had what she called “sort of a life changing experience,” when she was asked by her music teacher, Ms. Christie, to perform in a talent show. “I had never performed before, and so I didn’t know which song to sing, so she recommended to me that I perform Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero,’” Constance recalled. “Once I grabbed that mic, and sang those specific lyrics, I knew that was what I wanted to do.” From there on, she started following Mariah’s music, trying to match both her vocals and songwriting skills.


In The Spotlight: Vanessa Elisha

I am on the train back from a beautiful vacation in Montreal, which I plan to blog on sometime this week on my personal site, BrittanyShawnte.com, as well as showcase some pictures and video here of the LEGENDARY Diana Ross, who I saw on the Fourth of July! In the meantime, I'm working to get quite a few spotlights up (the backlog on these is honestly a mess due to my outside jobs and issues, but I'm working on them!). As always, if you are interested in being featured on The Spotlight, please email me at BrittanyShawnte@gmail.com. (With the huge amount of requests, please allow a few weeks for response).

Today, on The Spotlight, we have Australian singer-songwriter Vanessa Elisha! Vanessa became involved in music rather early, growing up in a musical environment. From the TV to the radio, Vanessa heard music everywhere she went. Her dad would even drum on her back as a baby (softly!). “He always says he ‘drummed the rhythm into me,’ the singer said.


CONCERTS: Danity Kane's The No Filter Tour Hits Silver Spring, MD (May 31, 2014)

This post should have happened a LONG time ago, but the busyness of life and work took over.  That shows just how far behind I am with a lot of blog work, but, now that I am FINALLY on vacation, I plan to catch up on a lot! Right now, I'm blogging from beautiful Montreal, Québec, Canada! There's so much amazing culture and art here, and I can't wait to share it with you guys! Plus I'm going to see the legendary DIANA ROSS tonight, so you know I'll have some videos and pictures!

As we all know, Danity Kane has reunited, and they are steadily working on making some new music for the fans! Back in May (May 31st to be exact), I went to Danity Kane's No Filter Tour which stopped at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD, the closest stop on the tour to me.

Check out some videos and pics below!


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