In The Spotlight: Buffalo Sunn

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Today, on The Spotlight, we have rock/alternative band Buffalo Sunn! Based in Dublin, Ireland, the group utlilizes retro 60s sounds as well as modern day beats to make up their unique sound. Four of the band’s members are actually brothers (the Paxton brothers--Daniel, who serves as songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist, Neil, who plays the keys, guitar and delivers backing vocals, Conor on keys and guitar and Ruairi on bass). The other two members (“honorary members of the Paxton clan) are Donagh O’Brien who plays drums, and Patrick McHugh who sings and plays guitar. The Paxton brothers themselves were sent to learn piano at an early age. “We hated it at the time because we had to go every Friday straight from school,” Daniel, who served as spokesman in this interview, recalled. “So while everyone was off for the weekend playing, we had to go to lessons!” However, after a few years, the brothers got the hang of piano and picked up guitar quite easily as well, becoming true musicians at just 12, 13 years old!

When the band officially formed, they first went by Sweet Jane, releasing their album Sugar For My Soul along with several EPs together. In October 2013, they officially changed their name to Buffalo Sunn, with the idea coming from knowledge of Native American tribes and their hunting yet respect of the buffalo. “They hunted the buffalo in a way that they got everything they needed from the animal like food, cloth, [and] tools,” Daniel said. “It was the center of their [lives], and a very scared animal as they respected it. [It] was never over hunted [by them].” The second part of their name, “Sunn,” stemmed from the sun which gives crops and heat. The band added the second “n,” taking from the vintage amp company, Sunn.

When it comes to their music, Buffalo Sunn takes inspiration from a variety of different artists like the Beach Boys, CSNY, and ABBA. “I think when it comes to our sound, the music that would inspire us is a lot of bands using harmonies,” Daniel said. “I’m a sucker for good harmonies.” The band’s latest track, “By Your Side,” is taken from their upcoming debut album, By The Ocean, which is set to be released later this year. The mid-tempo track produced by Grammy award winning producer Pat McCarthy, can be seen from a standard relationship or friendship point of view, being there for someone through it all. Daniel says was made “to evoke an emotion from the listener,” which, if you take the time to listen, it definitely will stir up feelings for those you love in your life! Get your copy of this great single now on iTunes, and check out the video below!

Though Buffalo Sunn’s debut album isn’t even out yet, they’ve already started working on their next album, which will have about 15 tracks. In terms of what sets them apart, Daniel just says the band does their own thing and hope that people like and connect with it all. “I think it’s when you really try hard to please people or try to cash in on a current scene that’s when you’re f****d,” he said honestly. “We love playing music and the biggest reward is playing to people who really dig our sound.”

You can check out more from Buffalo Sunn on their official website and SoundCloud, as well as connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

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