NEW MUSIC: "One Love"-Elle Varner

"Who's to say that we can't change, and give one love, one love to everyone?" -Elle Varner, "One Love"

Elle Varner has released a new song, paying tribute to slain teen Michael Brown, whose tragic and unnecessary death by the hands of a cop in Ferguson, MO, has sparked controversy, outrage, and protests all over the nation. Elle said of the tragedy:

“Over the past few tumultuous days I have prayed long and hard for Mike Brown’s family, the people of Ferguson, and the families of many others we have lost due this horrific death pattern. With persistence, strategy, and intellect, we can not only obtain justice for Mike Brown but we can effectuate changes that will prevent these things from happening again!”
Check out her song "One Love" below!

Elle's distinctive, soulful vocals and insightful lyrics really shine through on this song! I love when people use their gifts to express themselves in a positive way in a time like this. The song highlights issues that go on all the time. I hope you all take a second to really listen!

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