REVIEW: The Rebellious Soul Musical Starring K. Michelle

Last night was the premiere of K. Michelle's Rebellious Soul Musical on VH1.
I'll be honest. When I first heard about this, I didn't know what to think. I think that K. Michelle is a talented artist, but Rebellious Soul, to me, still left a lot to be desired. It was a cool album, and did have several good tracks, but overall left me a bit disappointed. Hearing that Idris Elba was directing the special gave it a little more credibility, but I had my doubts.

I was truly hoping that this musical would help me to connect with this album more, but, unfortunately, it didn't. K's journey starts out with her stripping and getting picked up by a guy who takes her out of the club, and she falls in love. He's never home, and she ends up finding out that he's cheating...with one of her friends. K. turns out to be pregnant, and then has a discussion with her mom about how all of this is the fault of her mom's ex who raped her. All of this drama culminates in suicide. As quick as it started, that's as quick as it was over! 

It's different strokes for different folks, but there were a LOT of holes in this musical. There wasn't enough actual acting and dialogue to truly explore what K Michelle's character was going though. It was a decent concept, but this special merely scratched the surface Maybe that's a little too deep, but I think that if you were going to do a "musical," this needed to be better planned. There should've been a clearer story line, not just mostly music, and then the conclusion may have made more sense.

I'll be real, though. I CANNOT KNOCK K. MICHELLE'S HUSTLE! Out of all of these reality TV girls, especially the ones with alleged singing or fashion aspirations, she has been one of the most successful. She's been featured on both Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop: New York, AND has her own reality show on the way. I want her to win. I liked her before these shows. I really do believe in her and her talent. However, I think that she needs better material that matches her skills. I hope she delivers more in the future, and continues to rise.


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