MUSIC VIDEO: "Looks Like Me"-Anthony Lewis (Michael Brown Tribute)

In the wake of the murder of Ferguson, MO teen Michael Brown, many artists have been using their
music to express their feelings about the situation. It's definitely been powerful to listen to these different tributes!

Upcoming R&B singer Anthony Lewis has dropped a song as well, entitled "Looks Like Me." Produced by Warryn Campbell and La'Shawn Daniels, the lyrics openly showcase Anthony's thoughts on the unjust murders of black teens like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin among others. Anthony himself is a 17-year-old black teen, who has personally experienced racial profiling and losing a friend due to police brutality in his hometown of Los Angeles. The video for the song, released September 8, 2014, features pictures of people protesting and grieving these tragedies, and praying for justice and peace.

Anthony is definitely a true talent to behold, and using his skills and craft to bring awareness to a very controversial situation. However, it is a reflective track searching for resolution, versus a track of pure anger and frustration. You can buy "Looks Like Me" on iTunes now! A portion of the song's proceeds are going to families of victims harmed by police brutality and racial profiling.

Be sure to check out Anthony's official website, and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Watch the official video for "Looks Like Me" below!

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