VIDEO: Style Zone With AC (PREVIEW)

I’m always excited to feature people on The Spotlight, but even more so my girl Ashley Chin who is doing her thing in Miami, killing the fashion game with her styling and designing! Since our first encounter back in 2010, when I first interviewed her, we have stayed connected, and I’m so proud of her and happy for her success!

Now Ashley is heading into a new venture—a new style series entitled Style Zone with AC! “I’ve been doing fashion for so long with wardrobe styling and fashion designing, [but] I’ve always had an interest in broadcasting and was always told I have a natural ability to be on camera with confidence,” the designer stated. “I decided to create a stable foundation for myself and collaborate my two worlds.”

Though Ashley’s focus is fashion, the show expands beyond just style, featuring a variety of topics including music, art, and just over life experiences. “I didn’t want to just gear towards the fashion world because I felt as though it would be a bit cliché,” she said. “I want [viewers] to be able to view an episode and learn something new about the process of music, art, fitness, blogging, designing, and so much more. I want them to take in knowledge.”

The show will showcase “the lifestyle of different crafts within the industry, the process and growth with these amazing talents and again having that platform to just have voice to express their experience in the industry.” She plans to have the show air weekly, but is working on establishing great topics and interviews for the audience. In terms of balancing styling, designing, and the show, Ashley admits it’s a difficult challenge, but she’s definitely prepared to face it all head on! “I just try to keep a positive mind and keep myself in a zen balanced energy,” she said. “I’m a one-woman show!”

Check out a short clip of Ashley’s interview on the show with Miami designer Ashley G of Amp’d Up Apparel below! Be sure to check out Ashley's official website and follow her on Instagram! You can also directly email her, especially if you are in the Miami area, for more information on her own designs and styling rates! You can also follow Amp'd Up on IG as well to check out some of their clothes!

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