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Today, we have alternative R&B artist Bow Promise! Hailing from the UK, Bow’s creativity and talent within the arts came out as a child. “My mum got me involved in a lot of activities including ballet, drama, modelling, and more,” the singer said. Bow also loved drawing and writing, eventually transitioning from stories to poems and songs. “My first song was influenced by Omar's 'There's Nothing Like This' and the intro to Mya's 'Fear of Flying' album,” Bow stated.

Inspired by artists like Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd, Miguel, and Beyoncé, the artist admits that her musical inspirations are of an eclectic sound, and refuses to become a clone of what’s already out there. Being from the UK, Bow believes that the area is creating great sounds in R&B especially. “The UK has been breeding some amazing sounds that I believe help bring the genre forward,” she said. Speaking of her own sound, Bow acknowledged, “I think this new sound is American but it has the grit and sharpness that the UK can relate to.”

Though she was involved in music for over 10 years, she finally believed that she could have a serious career after graduating from university in 2010. “I studied Music and Arts Management and I was working with my current producer on a management project,” Bow said. “We wrote four songs for an artist but it fell through. {However,] we continued working together and have grown as musicians because of it.”

On her latest track, “Bisous,” Bow worked with her producer Lostchild to develop the song. “He sent me the track and I liked it instantly but didn't like the XO drug reference so I called it ‘Bisous,’ which is French for ‘kisses’,” she said. “Bisous seems like it could be about the intoxicating feeling that comes with falling in love but I would hope anyone who knows scripture might recognize the lyric "I don't rely on my own understanding [hailing from Proverbs 3:5 in the Bible]." Bow continued about the song, saying, “It's really a song for anyone who ever questioned my strength to overcome difficulty, in faith, or to persevere as an artist. I lean not on my own understanding.”

Currently, Bow is working on some new ideas, creating a new video for another track, as well as organizing her own headline show, with the potential to release a video for “Bisous” as well, which would be amazing! In the future, Bow would love to spend her days focused totally on her music career. “I want to be a professional songwriter and an artist with a fan base that feels what I do and takes something positive from it,” she said. “I want to travel and learn new skills. I want to reach Paris, the Netherlands, the US, without a shadow of a doubt!” She continued, “If I'm meant to be a pop star, it's because God needs me to, but I would rather be international on an independent scale. I need the freedom to write what I want, portray what I want and make it my livelihood.”

You can check out more from Bow on her official website, as well as connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, listen to more of her music on SoundCloud!

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