In The Spotlight: G5 Elz

Got another spotlight for you all on this wonderful Friday! Expect several within the next few weeks! As always, if you are an upcoming artist, designer, producer, etc., and you are interested in featuring your work on The Spotlight, email me (please allow some time for response)!

Today on the blog, we have G5 Elz! Exposed to music all of his life, the rapper learned and loved the art of rhyming. From Dr. Seuss books to watching rappers like The Notorious BIG, Jay Z and Nas, he quickly caught on to rapping. “By the time I was 8 years old, I began writing my own rhymes in school, preferably math class,” G5 joked. “Then it was always rapping in front of the TV like I was whatever rapper in the video with the remote in my hand.”

Hailing from Queens and living in NYC, G5 Elz recognizes that his environment has had a great deal of influence over his music. “My environment inspires everything because I’m seeing and hearing noises everyday then I incorporate that into my rhymes,” the rapper acknowledged. Though he always knew that creating music was his life’s purpose, he began to take his music seriously after his grandmother passed away in 2011. “I stepped my game up to another level and started molding solid projects, performing, and profiting.”

Currently the rapper has two mixtapes out, The NY Times and Bread and Butter, as well as his most recent EP 2nd Coming which is available on iTunes! Inspired by friendships, rough times, blessings, and his dreams, G5 worked with Keem Bel’air, Shawn Giftz, Halftime, and more on the project. You can also check out his current single “X-Drive” featuring Sv Don , just released on October 2, 2014, below!

G5 Elz is currently working on a new EP called Before Cameras, so definitely be on the lookout for that. In terms of his sound and how he differs from other artists, the rapper said, “I’d say I keep it organic [and] soulful, not trying hop on the trends of what is so-called ‘relevant.’” In the future, he plans to continue to create music, of course, but wants to branch out into various avenues including possibly books, television, movies, sneakers, and clothes, as well as helping kids break into the entertainment industry! I respect the ambition. It’s your life, your rules. You don’t have to stick to just one lane!

You can connect with G5 Elz on Twitter, and hear more of his music on YouTube and Soundcloud!

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