ALBUM REVIEW: Girl Next Door-Alexis Hightower

Last week, I put up my feature with singer Alexis Hightower. Today, I have a review for her debut full length album Girl Next Door, which mixes classic jazz, soul, and a touch of hip hop. Her sound is grounded in jazz and R&B, which is evident on this album. What's great about this album is that Alexis is very transparent in her lyrics, and the music is soulful and calming. I've never honestly been a huge jazz fan, but the different artists that I have heard in the genre always give a fun, yet relaxing vibe in their music. I definitely looked forward to checking out Alexis' project. 

Check out my review below!

Alexis' album is comprised of mostly slow or mid-tempo tracks, and several of them are love-centric. Alexis has no problem expressing her feelings in songs like    "We Can Do This," and "Love Thing," both mellow and calming. She sings to her love about their relationship, expressing that they can have a clear future if they believe in each other and try to make things work.

The inspirational track "Steady You Go" is a standout song on the album, pushing listeners to keep going in life in spite of rocky roads and long journeys ahead to reach desired paths.
"Clap Your Hands" is another moving track that celebrates the good in life, versus always focusing on the negative. Alexis sings, "You may stress and strife...but if you love life, you better clap your hands." It just reminded me personally that, yes, life can get rough, but at the end of the day, I'm still living and I should make the most of each day.

Other tracks include "Sweet Silent Hunger," "Maybe Baby," and "Whoever You Are," as well as an interlude of spoken word from artist mTkalla Keaton. The chilling ballad "Just A Song," also a single, ends the album on a strong note.

Girl Next Door is a relaxing, positive album to listen to. Alexis' voice definitely has pure soul, and her lyrics are real and honest.  My only wish is that there were a few more songs with a change of pace aside from the slow tempo that mostly takes over the album. "MI Crooked Letter" breaks away from the pack, but it would've been nice to hear a few other more upbeat tracks. Overall, however, the album is a nice listen. Alexis does have a beautiful voice, and a great message for listeners.

RATING: ★★★★☆ (four out of five stars)

The album is available on iTunes NOW, so be sure to buy a copy! You can hear more from Alexis on her official website and SoundCloud, as well as connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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