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Today, we have young singer Anthony Lewis! Back in September, I featured his music video for "Looks Like Me,” a powerful tribute to Michael Brown and other fallen black people, killed untimely and unjustly. I got the opportunity to chat with the singer about his upbringing, passion for music, and why it was important to him to create a song like “Looks Like Me.”

Check out more about Anthony below!

Hailing from Los Angeles, Anthony was engulfed in music at a young age. Both of his parents performed on the stage as singers and actors, and Anthony's own vocal ability shined at the tender age of 6. Though he stuck to mostly singing in church, he realized that he might be able to make music a career at the age of 13. In middle school, he got in trouble one day in class, and his punishment was to perform in the school talent show! "I did Chris Brown's 'I Can Transform Ya.' I'll never forget," he laughed. "But I got great feedback. I was like, "This is probably what I want to do for a living." He and his sister took their talents to YouTube, which sparked a lot of interest from viewers and getting thousands of views. Anthony eventually got the opportunity to sing for producer Donnie Scantz and music executive Garnett March, and was soon signed to The Chemists!

Looking to contemporary R&B artists like Usher and Chris Brown, and even the greats like James Brown and Sam Cooke, Anthony is inspired to use his own experiences in his music.  "I talk about real life things that's going on with people, about what I go through in life," the singer said. That's clear with his track "Looks Like Me," "The reason why I came up with a song like this was to let people know that they're not alone, and that they need love," the singer said. The track is definitely powerful and inspirational, and can reach across color lines as well. Anthony strives to reach his age group in particular, and is doing an amazing job so far.

Currently, the singer is working on his debut project, on which he said that listeners can expect to hear great music. "I'm taking my time, dissecting different songs [to see] what we're going to put on the album," Anthony said. The singer is working with a multitude of songwriters and producers, including songwriter LaShawn Daniels (Michael Jackson, Tamar Braxton, etc.). Though Anthony couldn't give an exact date for the release, he let me know that it's coming soon and very soon. "January 2015, it's going to blast off!" he stated.

The singer did admit that he works a lot and struggles to balance work and just being a kid and enjoying life. "Sometimes, I do just want to go be with my friends, and I can't because I have to work," he acknowledged. "But I make time, just a one day break, to go chill with my friends." That's important for him, I think, to still make time to enjoy his youth, even though he's working.

When asked where he wants his career to be in the future, Anthony said, "I want to sell millions!" (what singer doesn't want to blow up?!). "But my main goal, my second dream is to perform at the Super Bowl." His inspirations Usher, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake did it, so why can't he?! Honestly, Anthony is a great singer and truly seems to have his head on straight, knowing what he wants for his career and life at a young age. He's talented, has vision, and the work ethic to match. That combination is a deadly force! Definitely be on the lookout for more from this young singer!

Be sure to check out Anthony's official website, and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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