In The Spotlight: Michael Schulte

Looking forward to getting a couple of features on some great artists up for you all this week! Right now, we have alternative/folk singer Michael Schulte! Based in Germany, Michael started singing around the age of six.“I just simply loved to sing the songs I heard on the radio and the CDs my mom and dad used to play,” he remembered. “I would sing the whole day and bother my family, event hough I think it was quite good already!” The singer never had any guitar or singing lessons, just learning by actually doing. He was able to develop amazing vocal and playing skills, and wrote many of his own songs!

At 17, the singer discovered YouTube, and began to upload some of his own videos. “I thought it could be a great idea [because] I was really too insecure to go out and play on stages,” Michael said. “So I did that and, all of a sudden, I had thousands of people following me, listening to my stuff. That was a great feeling!” After doing YouTube videos for a few yea!” After doing YouTube videos for a few years, and growing a dedicated fanbase, Michael began to realize that he could do this for a living, and set out to do just that!

His parents definitely had an influence on his sound by offering him Irish folk, Celtic, and acoustic music to listen to. He was also inspired by Ben Howard, London Grammar, Alt-J, James Blake, and Muse, especially for his latest album The Arising, which was released back in October. “I worked two years on the album and really had the chance to find out for myself, what I want to do,” Michael said. “What style, what sound it should have, and with whom I want to work.” The singer, still new in the industry, listened to different styles of music and played over 100 concerts which helped him harness his sound for this new album. He worked with producer Rob Stephenson to create tracks for this sophomore project. “We tried out many different things on every song and I think you can hear how much love we put in and how rich in details the album is,” Michael said. “I wanted it to not be flat and normal, but edgy and special.” He hopes that listeners really feel the music and the messages behind each song, and that they are able to relate. Check out his official video for track “The Maze” below!

Currently, Michael is writing for a few other artists, but mostly focuses on his own music. In the future, Michael’s plans for his career are rather simple. “I would be super happy if I can just carry on with what I do at the moment and just do what I love, playing gigs and record new music.”

You can learn more about Michael on his official website, as well as connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

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