In The Spotlight: Manfred Kidd

I really am grateful for the opportunities to interview the up and coming! I got an email from a reader last week saying how he appreciates my features, and how he’s found some great artists because of the spotlights I do, which made my day. Doing what I love and having people connect with that is the greatest feeling!

Just to let y’all know, I have some great events and interviews to finish out 2014, so definitely be on the lookout! Celebrity news has been pushed to the backburner a lot, I know, which I’m trying to get back on track with. Pray that I find a balance come 2015!

Ok, enough personal stuff. I have another spotlight for you all today. Check out Swedish alternative pop-rock duo Manfred Kidd! The duo, composed of members Victor Crusner and Fredrik Folkestad, first met in elementary school but then went their separate ways for a while. They randomly bumped into each other on a tram in Göteborg, and discovered that they both had turned to music, which inspired them to work together. “The music we made became something neither of us could do on our own,” they said in a statement. “Finding that out was probably the moment we knew we wanted to do this.”

Being from Göteborg ,Sweden, Manfred Kidd is inspired by the seasonal changes of the country from grey to color, which they say is a true reflection of their own music. “As we see it, our sound is color while our lyrics are more of that grayer shade,” the group acknowledged. The duo also honored the Beatles’ George Harrison as an influence on their music.

The duo released their EP, Where Were You When You Were Us (WWYWYWU) on May 20, 2014 (you can get your copy here!). The debut single from the EP, “Lights” was actually a homage to Göteborg, and Victor and Fredrik produced the track together. “We have different roles within our collaboration, but keep it between us throughout the making,” the group said. Check out Manfred Kidd performing the track below!

How they function as a duo and “the electricity of our live set” is what Manfred Kidd feels sets them apart from other groups. In the future, they want to be actively touring and to keep putting out great music.

You can hear more on Manfred Kidd on SoundCloud and YouTube, as well connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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