In The Spotlight: The Blue Van

More features on the way over the next few days! Right now, check out blues-rock band The Blue Van! The group’s members include Steffen Westmark (vocals and guitar), Søren Christensen (keyboard, vocals and guitar), Allan Villadsen (bass) and Per Jørgensen (drums and vocals). The quartet grew up in the same area of Northern Jutlan in Denmark, meeting in kindergarten! While other kids in their school were interested in soccer and dance music, the group wanted to do something different, and started playing music together. “We discovered early on after playing local talent shows and youth clubs that this was a dream we wanted to pursue,” they said. Their parents insisted that they finish high school first, but after they did, the guys moved to Copenhagen to focus on their music.

The Blue Van is more inspired by British and American bands, than music from Denmark. “When we first started out we were very much into mid-sixties british invasion bands. Kinks, Small Faces, The Who etc,” they said. “Since then, with all the traveling and touring, we have broadened our horizons immensely.”

The Blue Van’s music has been featured on numerous films, shows and commercials, including Royal Pains, NCIS, 90210, CSI, and Magic Mike, as well as an ad for iPads shown worldwide! Their strong, edgy sound definitely stands out. “Where mainstream radio today seems to be moving in a much more commercial direction, the music supervisors buying music for tv shows, etc. are looking for more edge, attitude and cool productions,” the band said. Together the group also has five albums under their belt and is consistently recording and touring together. However, now, instead of doing a regular sixth studio album the band has said, “We will be providing our fans with ongoing great tracks and videos. It's all about thinking in new directions and doing things differently because the world is different now."

One of those tracks is their song “Illusion,” which features production from Dan Hougesen and Mark Wills. Check out the video below!

It’s clear that The Blue Van ain’t stopping any time soon! Clearly, they have passion for music and a dedicated, global fanbase to support them. You can check out more from them on their official website, as well as connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

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