NEW MUSIC: "Gunpowder on the Letter"-Cody ChesnuTT feat. Gary Clark Jr.

In honor of Veterans Day tomorrow, rock and soul artist Cody ChesnuTT has joined forces with Gary Clark, Jr. for "Gunpowder on the Letter." The song pays respects to American veterans and troops for their courage in their service. When asked about his inspiration behind "Gunpowder on the Letter," Cody stated, "This song was inspired by a documentary I saw on veterans that had been traumatized by the act of war. The broken spirit and disillusionment expressed by these veterans, granted me access to both the spirit and voice needed to communicate the narrative."

 Check out the performance video below!

Keep Up With Cody ChesnuTT & Gary Clark Jr.!

A salute to all of our veterans and current troops! We thank you and honor you for your continued service.

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