MUSIC VIDEO: "The Followers"-Wale

Wale has just released his video for "The Followers." Directed by Jon J and Shaun Ross, the video features Wale rapping on where his head's been since the release of The Gifted back in 2013. He's taken a lot of mental breaks recently, and even had an undisclosed surgery some weeks ago, so it's clear he's been reflecting not only on his career but his life in general. With The Album About Nothing coming sooner than later, I'm definitely interested to see what he's going to give the fans next! I need that video for "The Body" too, Wale!

 Check out the video for "The Followers" below!

I'm also excited to go see him yet again in 2015 when the Simply Nothing tour hits the Fillmore in Silver Spring (Get your tickets here)! I plan to be front row center! 

Image via Complex

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