CONCERTS: Anthony Hamilton's Home For The Holidays Tour (Washington, D.C.)

On Thursday, December 18, I was blessed with an opportunity to attend and cover Anthony Hamilton's "Home for The Holidays" tour stop in Washington, D.C. The tour features soul singers Leela James and Mali Music, and it was an amazing show!  All three of these great acts were the perfect combo for this tour. The vibe with everybody was positive and chill, and I had so much fun, singing and dancing to wonderful soul music all night!

Read more on my experience, and check out some photos and video below!

Triscina Grey of WHUR 96.3 was the host of the evening, introducing each act. Mali Music came on first as the opener. I had heard some of his music before, but he made me a fan last night. His music, which included hits like "Walking Shoes" and "Ready Aim" was so moving and inspirational. I really vibed with him, and ended up purchasing some of his music after the concert to listen to.

Leela James is one of the biggest balls of energy I have ever seen perform! Seriously, her talent is impeccable, but what really draws you in is her passion for music as she sang songs like "Music" and "So Good." She had the audience glued to her the entire time as she performed and really engaged everyone. She even jumped off the stage and into the aisles to see and touch the people (if you see her silhouette of her and her hair, that's how close she was to me...the light was blinding!). Leela left it all on the stage, and I was seriously impressed.

When I tell you Anthony and his background singers, the Hamiltones, SANGGGGG!!! I almost fell out (*laughs*)! Anthony sang songs from his Home For The Holidays album (an amazing project for the holidays...definitely go listen and buy it!), as well as his classic hits like "Cool" and my favorite "Can't Let Go," as well as his latest "Best of Me." He and his entire band had so much energy and great musical chemistry together...probably the best I've seen between a main act and his background singers ever. Everyone loved their dance steps and soulful voices, especially the ladies! Yes, I swooned. They even did a gospel medley of some old school songs that you would hear in the church!

Overall, the concert was amazing!Anthony puts so much effort into his show, and I loved every aspect of it!  I would definitely go see him again in concert. Perfect for a romantic date night! (*winks*)

Check out my pictures and some great video from the concert below!


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