FASHION FEATURE: Lux House Mob (Store)

Whenever my girl, designer Ashley Chin asks me for a feature on something she’s got going on, I do it in a heartbeat (literally search her on this blog)! Today, I want to give a little shine to her amazing store, Lux House Mob!

“I think after being a stylist for so long, eventually, I began to outgrow it in some ways. I wanted more for myself and my brand,” Ashley said of starting the store. Back in 2013, I spoke with her and she was planning for a boutique named Vane For Decades, which she changed to Lux House Mob. “I thought it fit me and my direction better,”Ashley said of the name change.

Currently the store offers ring sets, body chains, and beanies, a lot of which have already sold out (my own ring sets are on the way)! However, Ashley has plans to expand the store, working on faux leather clutches that she designed, as well as more body chains, earrings, statement necklaces, and midi rings. “Slowly I’ll start adding in bags, hats, and clothes," she stated.

For the future, Ashley wants her brand to speak for itself. "I want someone to see a product while their out and know it's Lux House Mob," the designer said.  "I learn a lot from Sophia of Nasty Gal and my main thing is making my customers happy and providing top quality."

Lux House Mob definitely has great products, and I can't wait to see more from Ash! Shop Lux House Mob here! Also, be sure to also check out Ashley's official website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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