Ashley Chin Announces Retirement From Styling, New Ventures with Vaughn Brian and twelveAM

I'm truly grateful for genuine connections and mutual support. I have that with Miami designer Ashley Chin, who I have featured several times on The Spotlight! Over the years, Ashley has branched out into the fashion world tremendously through her styling ,her own designs and now  Lux House Mob brand, as well as writing and editing for Ally The Journalist. I've been proud to watch her grow!

Ashley shared with me today that she is retiring from styling to focus solely on the business side of fashion. From prayer and talking with her mom, she bravely made the decision to turn to a new chapter in her life. "I think it was me really discovering my true niche," the designer said. "I mean, I LOVE styling but I think its run its course and now I have to aim for higher and more challenging projects in order to grow."

Ashley is now working as Brand Ambassador for Vaughn Brian Clothing and Creative Director for twelveAM Clothing, two great brands that give Ashley the opportunity to learn and grow in the business side of fashion. "When I made the decision to work with VB, it was just the vision of the brand, the team is so amazing and their aura makes you just so motivated to do great things," she said. "As for my decision with Twelve AM, I was working with the owner pulling clothes for shoots and different projects, when one day, she spoke to me about becoming creative director of her brand in which I was thrilled." Ashley admires both brands and their creators so much, and she'll definitely do well in working with them.

Ashley's also working wholeheartedly on her own brand, Lux House Mob, which she can now really focus on. "When I first started with the name Vane For Decades, I think then I was still so indulged with styling that I couldn't give my full attention to my store to help raise it," she admitted.
Now I think I'm in a better space where I just want to focus solely on business and helping to raise it to its full potential." With new items on the website, and a denim collection coming this summer, Ashley made a sacrifice to benefit her future, which is commendable. "It's like a baby having a busy mother that makes the decision to work less so she can be there for her child," she said. "I'm working smarter, not harder."

I'm very, very proud of her, and know that she will continue to do great things! Shop Lux House Mob now! Also, be sure to also check out Ashley's official website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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