In The Spotlight: Flexy the Artist

I have the first official spotlight of 2015 for the blog! I have at least three other great artists lined up that I’m working to get up within the next week or so, so be on the lookout! If you are or represent an upcoming musical artist, producer, designer, etc., and would like to be featured on The Spotlight, please visit our Features/Submissions page for more information!

Today, we have Flexy the Artist! Raised in St. Louis, Missouri, this songwriter-singer grew up around music, as his parents and grandparents were all musicians themselves. At home, he listened to jazz and R&B artists, as well as the late great Michael Jackson, who he notes as one of his biggest inspirations. During his freshman year of college, one of his fraternity brothers sent him a goofy freestyle as a joke, and he decided to record one himself. “People liked it. It was really bad,” Flexy joked. “I’ve always had a great voice, at least, so it was easy to listen to, but ever since then, I’ve been going strong.” He began taking his music and career seriously, recording and performing at various shows.

Inspired by Michael Jackson, Usher, Bruno Mars, and Ludacris, Flexy effortlessly blends pop, hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music to create his own standout sound. The singer released his EP, Route 63, in April 2014. “Frustration with my music situation living in Missouri, balancing school with music, and the people around me who I feel like didn’t understand me inspired the EP,” Flexy admitted. He went down to Louisiana the summer before for an internship to get away and figure out what he wanted to do after school, and ended up writing and arranging 80% of the project. “Route 63 is the direct route between Missouri and Louisiana,” Flexy explained the title. “It’s written in the future, kinda like a view of what I want/what won’t hold me back.”

Two of his favorite tracks on the EP are “Gabby” and “Is It Worth It.” “[I choose] ‘Gabby,’ because it was the most experimental test for me context wise and I had a blast making it,” he said. “‘[And] Is It Worth It’ because it summarizes the entire mindset of people that aim to step out their comfort zone. The song is full of double entendres that can be interpreted by anyone in their own way.” He further explained about Route 63 that “this EP is a three part project written in the future so compared to my other works it may be hard to comprehend but looking at my other works the audience can see and feel exactly who I am.”

Flexy has now relocated to Los Angeles, and is currently working on an EDM track with a producer from Italy, while still promoting Route 63. He feels that his “songwriting, unique voice, genre-blending, great looks (*haha*), and artist transparency.” In terms of his future in the entertainment industry, he wants to be the best as what he does. “I want to be respected by the masses for my craft. I want to be the best ‘me’ possible.”

You can hear and learn more about Flexy the Artist on his official website, SoundCloud, and YouTube, and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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