RECAP: "Where Is The Love?"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II Season Premiere

I LOVE The Challenge! I've been recapping the show for the past couple of seasons, and have loved every minute of it! It's very sad this time around, though, because we have lost two seasoned vets in the game that are featured in this season--Diem and Knight, who literally passed away within weeks of each other. However, I'm going to enjoy the drama, laughs, and random moments with everyone this season!

For season 26 of The Challenge, we've got Battle of the Exes II! This time the show, hosted by TJ Lavin, takes place in Pedasi, Panama, and partners up exes from the past. MTV also brings in a bunch of rookies from The Real World and Are You The One? The couples for this season are: Jonna and Zach, Sarah and Jordan, Nany and Johnny Bananas, Theresa and Wes, Averey and Johnny, Nia and Leroy, Brittany and Adam, Jessica and Dustin, Jenna and Jay, Jemmye and Knight, Hailey and Thomas, Simone and John, and Diem and CT.

TJ announces the rules to the pairs. Obviously, they will compete in a series of challenges over their time their. The losing team of each challenge will automatically go into The Dome and face elimination The winning team will be deemed the Power Couple, and will be safe from elimination, AND get to choose another team to go into elimination. Of course, there's big money in the end to those who make it through. First place is $250,000 to be split between the winning team! Second place is $70,000, and third place is a respectable $30,000.

Some of the competitors are obviously a bit shook up that they'll be competing with their exes. Some of them really can't stand each other, but they have to put that to the side to be able to win this money! Of course, the first night is always fun with a lot of drinks, talking, and dancing. It's clear though, there are underlying issues in the house between not only exes, but people who have competed together in the past. That night, the house gets a clue from TJ: "Hey everyone, let's see who's ready to take their relationship to new heights!" A great height challenge to kick off the competition!

The next day, the competitors head to Panama City for their first challenge, "I Got You Babe." The teams have to navigate across a tightrope suspended 500 feet in the air, crossing between two buildings! The girls will walk across while the guys lay in a Superman pose supporting the girls with a rope as the girls move and pull the guys along. It takes a lot of communication and upper body strength, and a lot of teams slip and fall, disqualifying themselves. The last place couple ultimately is  Adam and BrittanyThe Power Couple is Wes and Theresa, who get to make the decision on who will face Adam and Brittany in the Dome.

Everyone is a little on edge because both Wes and Theresa are VERY shady. The two of them deliberate at a Power Couple. Wes wants to throw in Bananas out of spite, and, surprisingly doesn't want to throw in any Rookies. He thinks he can rally the rookies together on his side since there's actually a lot of them, and wants to put in a Vet to shake things up. That goes against the natural order! But that's Wes for you. Wes actually talks to Bananas about his plans, which is kind of smart in the long run, but Bananas believes it's way too early for this, and it would start a war if Wes' plan backfires. Plus, if Bananas goes in, he's winning that. Period.

Wes and Theresa end up choosing Dustin and Jessica, claiming that the two of them are in between being a really seasoned Vet and complete Rookie. Whatever. In The Dome, the two teams play
 "Pole Position. Each team has to work their way together up a 25 foot structure. They are connected to poles by their hands and feet and have to move together place the poles in slots to get up the wall. Everyone was pretty much neck and neck, but surprisingly, Adam and Brittany take it after Dustin and Jessica take a tumble!

That night, the house goes out and enjoys themselves! While they party, there is a MAJOR twist going on! Jessica and Dustin are put into a room, where they watch a video of TJ. He reveals to them that they are just in exile and will compete in a later challenge to have the opportunity to come back! This definitely changes the game!

I'm excited to see how this season will go!

What did you think of the season premiere of Battle of the Exes II? 

Image via Entertainment Weekly/MTV

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